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At ACU, our research and enterprise activities embrace the full life cycle of research, from knowledge creation to its translation and application towards real world outcomes that provide social, cultural and economic benefit.

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For further details including eligibility requirements, stipend scholarship closing deadlines and instructions on how to apply visit our ACU Research scholarships webpage.


ACU campuses are returning to COVID Normal. Understand what this means for your research planning and preparation and any projects you currently have underway and how Research Services can support you.

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Research and Enterprise Plan 2022-2023

In line with the current ACU Strategic Plan 2020-2023, the priority of the Research and Enterprise Plan 2022-2023 is to achieve sustainable excellence in the development of future research capability, effective infrastructure and systems, fundamental research, the translation of research, and the application of research.

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ACU Catalyst

ACU Catalyst is a new one-stop portal for connecting industry and community partners with ACU’s researchers, educators, students, and campuses.

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