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At ACU, our research and enterprise activities embrace the full life cycle of research, from knowledge creation to its translation and application towards real world outcomes that provide social, cultural and economic benefit.

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We are now accepting applications for commencement in our Higher Degree Research programs.

Applications close 11.59pm 24 April 2022 AEST. For further details including eligibility requirements, stipend scholarship closing deadlines and instructions on how to apply visit our ACU Research scholarships webpage.


ACU campuses are returning to COVID Normal. Understand what this means for your research planning and preparation and any projects you currently have underway and how Research Services can support you.

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Our research priorities

Education is an ACU research priority


Our researchers generate evidence-based knowledge that enhances teaching and learning from early childhood to higher education. We examine assessment, digital technologies, changing communication practices, the role of play in children’s learning as well as literacy, numeracy and teacher education. Our aim is to strengthen systems that support education outcomes for children and their families.

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Health is an ACU research priority


Our research addresses critical public health issues by identifying and responding with innovative programs that deliver better health outcomes and transform lives. In collaboration with international and national partners, our researchers examine brain health, stroke recovery, and manage the adverse effects of cancer and chronic metabolic diseases as well as many other critical health issues.

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Theology and philosophy

We explore critical questions in philosophy, religion, and theology, including early Christian constructions of knowledge and identity, and normative implications of moral disagreement, an urgent concern for societies with clashing moral principles. Interdisciplinary research collaborations also advance knowledge of the causes of public alienation from conventional political agendas, parties, and policies.

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Ethics and integrity

We are committed to ethical research conducted with integrity and respect for the rights and interests of participants.

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We’re here to help you reach your research goals. Find the tools, resources, and contacts you need to make the most out of your research.

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Research with us to make an important contribution to your field and positively impact the common good.

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