We’re here to help support your studies. If you are a current or former service man or woman, you might be eligible for ACU’s Student Veteran Support Program (SVSP).

Learn more about the program’s benefits and services, check your eligibility and find out how to apply.  

Empowering veteran success

We welcome all current and future students to the SVSP. Transitioning out of the military can be difficult for many veterans, with high rates of unemployment and mental health issues. Higher education is an internationally established pathway to assist veterans in successfully transitioning from the military to civilian life, broadening personal networks, and creating a pathway to gainful employment. 

What is the SVSP?

The Student Veteran Support Program (SVSP) is designed to give current or post service students the tools and support they need to achieve success throughout their studies and into employment. The SVSP is open to individuals who have completed or are completing a specific term of military service in either the army, air force, or navy, as well as those in the reserves. Students with international military service are also encouraged to apply. 

The program comes with a range of benefits, including adjustment factors to your entry score. Students with two or more years of military service are awarded a university entrance rank. More details on other states will be available soon.

QTAC admission criteria

UAC helping veterans get into uni

Learn more about the SVSP

Am I eligible for the SVSP?

We encourage individuals from all branches of military service to apply for the SVSP. If you’re unsure about whether you will qualify, we still encourage you to apply.

You must have filled out a relevant TAC (UAC, VTAC or QTAC) application in order to apply (ie you have applied to study at ACU).

What we expect from you

Starting university is a big commitment. However, there are also some extra responsibilities for SVSP students, such as special orientations, performance goals and being an ACU ambassador from time to time (these responsibilities are encouraged but not compulsory and take up a limited amount of time).

  • Before you apply to join the SVSP, make sure you read our terms and conditions.
  • While we encourage you to become a member of the Student Veterans Association, you do have the option to remain anonymous.

How to apply

First,  apply for your ACU course via your local Tertiary Admissions Centre (TAC). Then supply supporting documentation and submit an SVSP application form direct to ACU.


To get started, read our step-by-step application guide.

As well as applying for the SVSP directly to ACU, you’ll also be required to apply to your course via the relevant TAC.

To be offered a place in the course, you must meet the course entry requirements and prerequisites. Two years of military service will award a candidate an entrance rank of 82 (Qld only) and 79 (NSW and ACT only). To learn more about entry requirements and how to apply for an undergraduate course, visit undergraduate students.

Undergraduate students 

Before applying for the SVSP, please ensure you have gathered the necessary supporting documentation: 

  • A cover letter summarising your military service and relevant experiences.
  • A supporting reference letter verifying your military service and any ongoing commitments. This may include enlistment, discharge certificates or service records or a PM-keys print out of competencies. We encourage you to submit any other forms of documentation as proof of service.
  • Current service requirements and expected time away from studies for the upcoming year (if possible).

Please note: Your supporting documentation must be on official organisational letterhead, and have the appropriate contact details. If your documentation does not have these, your application will not be considered.

Begin your application by completing our online form for the SVSP.

Apply for SVSP online 

SVSP applications for both future and current students are due by 7 December 2019.

Applications will remain open after the closing date. However, we cannot guarantee admission into all of the support initiatives. 

Future student applications remain open all year round and are assessed on a fortnightly basis.

If you miss the cut-off date you will still be able to submit your application. However, it will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Late applicants will also potentially miss out on a number of support initiatives.

After you’ve applied for the SVSP, you’ll be notified of the outcome via your registered email address.

It’s important to remember your SVSP application is only valid if you receive a formal offer to study at ACU.


Current students

You can apply for the SVSP at any time using our online SVSP application form. This includes both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

You should use this form if you are one of the following:

  • a current student.
  • have already accepted an offer to study at ACU.
  • your previous application was unsuccessful, but your supporting documentation has come through.
  • you have recently become a service member. 

Apply for the SVSP

Contact us

If you have any questions about the SVSP or the application process, or would like to register your interest, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the SVSP team.

You can access contact details or submit an enquiry form at any time.

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