From the big exam to the big event, we’ll be in your corner every step of the way. Learn about how the Elite Athlete and Performer Program (EAPP) works at ACU, including applying and enrolling, timetabling, and academic and financial support.

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We know it’s difficult to balance university study, training and performing. That’s why our elite athletes and performers have access to a range of support services, academic resources, and funding opportunities.

But how does the Elite Athlete and Performer Program (EAPP) work, exactly? To get the ball rolling, we’ve compiled a list of the key things you need to know.

Applying and enrolling

Learn about EAPP application and enrolment details, including adjustment factors, enrolling, scheduling and timetabling. 

As part of the EAPP, you may be offered up to five adjustment factors (previously known as bonus points) to your entry score. 

These points will be added to your ATAR for admission to ACU depending on the performance level achieved and the recognition granted to the sport and its governing body. 

This is in recognition of competitive commitments which may have impacted your high school academic performance and to assist you in gaining entry into your chosen course.

Please note: There is a maximum of 12 adjustment factor points applied across all schemes.

You can enrol into your units through Student Connect. To get started, visit Student Connect and login. 

Login to Student Connect

If you need help enrolling through Student Connect, visit how to enrol on the ACU Student Portal. Please note: you will need to login with your student details. 

How to enrol

As an EAPP member, you’ll be able to negotiate your study schedule and assessments due to your elite sporting or performing commitments. 

Your requests to lecturers and course coordinators for academic adjustments will also be supported (where evidenced) by the EAPP Coordinator.

Choose your timetable

Once you’ve enrolled, you can choose your classes and tutorials using Tutorial Direct. To get started, visit Tutorial Direct and login with your student details. Priory preference timetabling will be open for two weeks, it’s important to allocate during this time to ensure you can access your class preferences.

Login to Allocate+

To learn more about how timetabling works, visit course timetable.

Course timetable

View your units and courses

After you’ve set your schedule, your unit and subject information – including current and completed units – can be found on Learning Environment Online (LEO).

To access LEO, visit the Student Portal or login to the LEO website.

Login to LEO

To learn more about how LEO works, read our LEO guides for students.

LEO guides for students

Priory preference timetabling will be open for two weeks. Early allocations on Tutorial Direct are usually open for 24 hours. If you miss the early allocations, you’ll still be able to allocate on your normal campus day.

If you want to withdraw from a unit, you can do so through Student Connect. 

Make sure you’re aware of the census date, which is the last date for changing your enrolment. You may incur financial or academic penalties.

To get started, visit Student Connect and login, or you can learn more about census dates or our withdrawing instructions. 

Login to Student Connect

Learn more about census dates

How to withdraw from a unit

Academic support

Find out about the academic resources available to our EAPP students, including taking a break from study, special consideration and academic skills.

If you’re a current student and you have received final results for at least one semester in your course, you can apply to take a break from your studies. This is done by submitting an Application for Interruption of Study on Student Connect.

Please consult with your course coordinator and EAPP officer before applying to take a break.

To get started, visit Student Connect and login. You can also learn more about taking a break from your studies and returning after an interruption on the ACU Student Portal. 

Login to Student Connect

Taking a break from your studies

If you miss class due to your sporting of performing commitments it’s important to be proactive. Email your lecturer in charge and explain your absence as soon as possible. 

Please attach supporting documentation from your coach or manager to verify that you were away for sporting or performance commitments – and copy in your EAPP Coordinator.

Exercise Science Students should use the EXSC Attendance form.

Extended absence

If you’re away for an extended period, such as three or four weeks, you’ll need to apply for special consideration. 

You’ll also need to discuss with your lecturer to find out how you can make up the missed assessment or attendance – or consider withdrawing from the unit.

If you don't think you can submit your assignment by the due date, you can apply for an extension. 

This is done by completing the Application for an Extension of Time for an Assessment Task (EX) form prior to the due date and lodging it with your lecturer in charge.

You’ll also need to attach a supporting letter from your coach or manager and copy in your EAPP Coordinator.

If it’s after the due date, you’ll need to check if you can apply for special consideration.

Apply for an extension by downloading, filling out and returning the Application for an Extension of Time for an Assessment Task (EX) form.

Download Application for an Extension of Time for an Assessment Task (EX) form (PDF 40KB)

You may be eligible for special consideration if you experience one of the following circumstances during a study period:

  • a temporary or permanent disability 
  • an illness or other unforeseen or exceptional circumstance
  • extended absence from your sporting or performing commitments (three to four weeks).

Apply for special consideration by downloading, filling out and returning the Application for Special Consideration (SC) form.

Download Application for Special Consideration (SC) form (Word 282KB)

You can defer one or more exams – including school-based or mid-semester exams – if your absence will be due to sporting or performing commitments such as a competition, event or training camp.

It’s important that you be proactive; the sooner you inform your lecturer about the absence, the better off you’ll be.

We recommend emailing your lecturer directly with the following:

  • an attached letter from your sporting or performing organisation verifying that you’ll be away on exam day due to your commitments
  • a completed Application for Special Consideration (SC) form
  • alternative dates for sitting the deferred exam or exams
  • copying in your EAPP coordinator.

Don’t hesitate to contact the EAPP if you need further support with this process. Get in touch by visiting contact us.

Contact us

Alternatively, you can apply to defer an exam at the deferred exams section of the Student Portal. Please note: You will need to login with your student details.

Deferred exams (Student Portal)

You can get help developing your academic skills from the Academic Skills Unit (ASU). 

The ASU runs free classes and workshops throughout the semester. They can assist you with:

  • managing study habits
  • academic writing
  • exam preparation
  • numeracy
  • referencing styles (APA, Chicago, etc.)

Workshops are run during weekdays and occasionally on weekends. 

You can also book a private appointment with an Academic Skills Adviser – both one-on-one or in a group – or ask a question during a drop-in session or using the online Ask an Adviser system.

The ASU also publishes a study guide called Skills for Success. It’s available free of charge on the LEO website. 

Read Skills for Success on LEO

Financial support

We offer financial scholarships and travel subsidies to eligible elite athletes and performers on an annual basis.

2021 EAPP Scholarship Information

ACU offers financial support to eligible elite athletes and performers. All members of the EAPP (approved annually via application and receipt of acceptance letter) are eligible to apply for Scholarships and Travel Subsidies.

EAPP Scholarships are a financial assistance grant designed to support you with expenses related to your sporting or performance and academic career. 

Half scholarships will be available to students who commence at ACU mid-year and similarly to students who are finishing their degree mid-year.

Applications for 2021 scholarships open on Monday 7 September 2020 and close on Monday 30 November 2020. The link to the online application form will be located in your EAPP Welcome Email to all successful applications. Current students can access the online application form via ACU Life 

EAPP Scholarship grants are valued from $1,000-$5,000 depending on your level of representation. Scholarship values are awarded at the discretion of the Australian Catholic University with the support of the Elite Athlete and Performer Program Advisory Committee.

Scholarships are paid in two equal instalments at the conclusion of each semeter.

Obligations of Scholarship recipients for 2020/2021:

Scholarship recipients will be required to fulfil the following commitments to receive their financial contribution: 

Academic Requirements
  • Maintain a minimum academic standing (GPA 4)
  • Remain enrolled at ACU for both Semesters – Scholarships are paid post census date biannually 
  • Remain enrolled in one semester for half scholarships, payment is made post census date.
Athletic Requirements
  • Represent ACU at UniSport Nationals or UniSport International endorsed event as an athlete, coach or mentor unless elite sporting commitment prevents this 
  • The recipient needs to meet EAPP eligibility requirements
  • Attendance at a minimum of one (1) EAPP specific event
Promotional Requirements
  • Volunteer at a minimum of one (1) EAPP or ACUSPORT related events (e.g. Open Day, Market day or Orientation) and/or community engagement or ACU appearances.
  • Provide a student athlete profile and photo for web and print media
  • Commit to a minimum of three (3) social media posts across Instagram or Facebook at sport events or university events tagging in @ACUSPORT including hashtags #ACUSport #ACUElite and #ACUEAPP
  • Understand and adhere to the ACU Social Media Policy


You’re also able to apply for one-off additional funding of up to $1,000 to assist with travel and accommodation when competing at elite events. This subsidy is given at our discretion.

Apply for an EAPP travel subsidy

If you represent ACU at national and/or international events endorsed by Uni Sport, you may be entitled to subsidised fees.

To find out more, get in touch with your EAPP coordinator or visit contact us.

Contact us

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