Build your workforce with ACU students and connect with your future employees.

ACU students have a unique perspective and aim to make a difference in the world. Our students are ready to work with you to develop fresh ideas and tackle real industry problems. Let them help make a difference for your organisation.

ACU offers many opportunities to connect with our students, including nanoprojects, hackathons, internships, placements and student networking events.

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Organise a hackathon to collaborate with ACU students and appreciate their creativity and problem-solving expertise when it comes to real world industry challenges.

Scholarships, internships, placements

Allow your organisation to connect with ACU students while creating a positive difference by funding scholarships, providing internships and placement programs. Our corporate scholarships include:

Industry-based projects

At ACU, we have creative students who are keen to gain experience in real life projects and connect with potential future employers.

Student networks

ACU has a great network of students who are eager to learn and gain experience, including being one of the largest educators of health and education students in Australia.

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