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Just like our changing world, our courses are continually evolving. Some of the courses listed on this page are brand new, others have been revised to ensure they meet new best practices, and some are being introduced on a particular campus for the first time.

Pathway courses

The Diploma in Criminology is an important stepping stone to achieving your career and study goals – and it’s a Commonwealth supported place (CSP). A Diploma in Criminology can help you gain credit towards your first year of study and seamlessly transition into the second year of our Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Or you can exit with a standalone qualification to add to your CV. This course will be available from Semester 1, 2024 at ACU North Sydney and Melbourne campuses.

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Undergraduate courses

Bachelor of Speech Pathology – Canberra

The Bachelor of Speech Pathology will be offered at ACU Canberra from Semester 1 2025. The Canberra program will undergo accreditation with Speech Pathology Australia over the next 2 years. A successful outcome will enable graduates to be eligible for certified practising membership of Speech Pathology Australia.

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The Bachelor of Occupational Therapy will be offered at ACU Canberra from Semester 1 2025. The Bachelor of Occupational Therapy program is fully accredited on the Melbourne, North Sydney and Brisbane campuses. The Canberra program will undergo accreditation processes next year prior to commencement in 2025 and again in the first iteration of the final year of the program to enable graduate eligibility for registration as practising Occupational Therapists.

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The Bachelor of Arts (Western Civilisation) (Honours) is an honours year program of study in the liberal arts, focused on a 'great books' approach to the history of ideas in Western culture. The program builds upon the Bachelor of Arts (Western Civilisation) course and consolidates student learning in the liberal arts, directing students through advanced seminars on hermeneutics and the critical interpretation of foundational texts in the Western canon, as well as a capstone research thesis that encounters key texts from an interdisciplinary perspective and a research methods unit.

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Students studying the APAC-accredited Bachelor of Psychological Science/Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice will explore how individuals behave, think and feel, and come to understand the complex causes and impact of crime. By combining these degrees, graduates will gain wider insights than can be developed in a three-year single degree. Psychological studies will assist those who seek a career in the justice sector. Similarly, those with aspirations of becoming a forensic psychologist will be assisted with the knowledge gained from the criminology studies.

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The Bachelor of Midwifery (Graduate Entry) will be offered at ACU Blacktown from Semester 1 2024. This two-year accelerated course offers bachelor–qualified nurses and paramedics the opportunity to qualify with a Bachelor of Midwifery. Graduates may work in maternity settings such as hospitals, birth centres, special care nurseries and other community agencies. Students will undertake midwifery clinical practice in hospital and community settings.

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The Bachelor of Occupational Therapy will be offered at ACU Ballarat from Semester 1 2024. Study occupational therapy at ACU in Ballarat and you will be part of a thriving regional and rural allied health network.

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If you’re in Victoria or Queensland, working in an early childhood setting, and have a diploma in early childhood education and care, our Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Birth to Five Years) (Accelerated) is the perfect option to advance your career. You’ll graduate in 18 months with the equivalent of a four-year bachelor’s degree. Funding is available to assist with the cost of your studies, and you can complete the degree while you continue to work.

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Combining the Bachelor of Psychological Science and the Bachelor of Nutrition Science allows for greater insights into both areas. The Bachelor of Nutrition Science will focus on general health care, chronic disease management, Indigenous health and other emerging areas of need and students will gain an understanding of the science behind food and nutrition including human physiology and biochemistry. The APAC-accredited psychology component includes lifespan development, biological, social and abnormal psychology, individual differences, psychological and research methods, as well as other areas of applied psychology.

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Meet the challenges of a contemporary classroom with a deep understanding of human behaviour. Study this double degree and you’ll have a career in primary teaching with a unique edge. You’ll gain a foundation in psychological principles examining aspects of thinking and behaviour (including memory, cognition, learning, motivation and emotion), and an understanding of why people behave the way they do. Graduates who wish to practise as a psychologist or councillor will need to undertake further study in psychology, as required by the Psychology Board of Australia. This new course is pending accreditation with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) and the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).

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Postgraduate courses

These microcredentials will provide you with an opportunity to acquire advanced knowledge and skills that will equip you to better manage potentially stressful and confronting classroom environments and individual students who may be unpredictable and uncooperative. Offered through the Faculty of Education and Arts' Learning and Leadership Enterprise (LLE), each microcredential is delivered via a sequence of online modules, discussion sessions and SimLab simulations over a 5–6 week period.

The two microcredentials you will explore are: UNMC501: Managing Confronting Behaviours in Educational Settings, UNMC502: Managing Critical Incidents in Educational Settings.

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Designed specifically for middle school teachers this course will provide you with inclusive, evidence-based strategies for teaching STEM that will allow you to create innovative and meaningful learning environments for students. This microcredential consists of two units EDST532 Science iSTEM and EDST533 Leading the S in iSTEM.

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Gain a foundational understanding of the “Big Ideas” driving mathematics in STEM and learn how to translate this knowledge into the classroom using critical thinking to solve real-world problems, employing effective teaching practices with a strong focus on STEM leadership. This microcredential consists of two units EDST530 Maths iSTEM and EDST531 Leading the M in STEM.

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Deepen and broaden your knowledge and expertise of Western culture within a structured and integrated humanities masters-level course. Centred on a ‘great books’ or ‘canonical’ approach to the study of Western culture, studying this course will help you to develop a transnational, interdisciplinary and historically grounded perspective to the literature, music, philosophy and works of art that have achieved the status of ‘classics' within the Western world.

ACU is offering up to ten (10) master's scholarships annually to Australian citizens or permanent residents funded by the Ramsay Centre.

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This course is designed for teachers, speech pathologists and other professionals working with developing readers of all ages. Upon completion, you will be able to confidently teach foundational reading skills to children learning to read (K-1) and to older students struggling with foundational reading and spelling skills. This microcredential consists of two units EDER530 Phonemes and Phonics: Instruction and Assessment and EDER531 Phonics: Effective Intervention in Primary and Secondary Schools.

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The Masters of Australian Migration Law and Practice will enhance your skills with the foundation knowledge, understanding and practical skills that are required to practice as a qualified Australian migration agent. The Masters is for individuals seeking to accelerate their career through deepened subject knowledge and improved personal and professional skills. After completing the Graduate Diploma in Australian Migration Law and Practice you can choose from a series of electives to deepen your knowledge and enhance your career ambitions.

Upon successful completion of the MAMLAP and the Capstone exam administered by the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA), graduates may seek registration to practice as a Registered Migration Agent.

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Commencing in January 2025, the Master of Clinical Psychology (Post-Registration) provides Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC)-approved training in psychology. This 80-credit point program focuses on developing APAC Level 4 professional competencies for individuals to specialise in clinical psychology.

Graduates will be eligible to apply for the clinical psychology registrar program to obtain an area of practice endorsement as a clinical psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia.

This course is currently undergoing an accreditation assessment with the Australian Psychology Accreditation Committee.

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ACU's Graduate Diploma in Psychology is designed for students who have completed an undergraduate degree in any discipline and would like to seek a psychology qualification in order to work towards a career in Psychology.

The course will provide graduates of non-APAC accredited Bachelor degrees with a pathway to obtain the same Level 1 qualification as the Bachelor degree in Psychology in an accelerated time frame.

Graduates of this course will be able to apply for further studies in psychology that may eventually lead to registration as a psychologist.

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