Leadership and governance

As an ambitious young university focused on embedding excellence, strong leadership and governance is our bedrock. It supports the smooth functioning of a complex organisation, allowing the many layers of leadership and multiple departments to work effectively together to deliver the best outcomes for students, staff and the wider community.

And ours is a more complex university than most. ACU is a public institution, recognised and funded by the Commonwealth Government, but also a public company. Our incorporation allows us to conduct ourselves as a Catholic university, and means we are governed in accordance with our constitution.

Leadership is a team effort

ACU Leadership And Governance

Working alongside our Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Zlatko Skrbis, the members of our leadership team are all responsible for a number of portfolios within the university from the four Faculties to Student Administration.

Our leadership team

Meet the men and women leading ACU into an exciting future. Making up the Vice-Chancellor's Advisory Committee, our leadership team is dedicated to leading by example and living our mission and values every day. 

Meet our leadership team

Organisational structure

See a visual representation of ACU’s leadership positions and the portfolios they are responsible for.

See our organisational structure


Our governance

People meeting to discuss strategy

Led by the Chancellor and Pro-Chancellor, ACU is governed by a number of decision-making bodies, including the Senate and Academic Board.

University governance

Our chief governing body is the Senate, and the Academic Board is our senior academic governance committee. Read the responsibilities of these and associated groups, and learn more about their members.

Understand our governing bodies

Governance structure

Make sense of the primary decision-making bodies at ACU, understand how these fit into our governance landscape, and download the governance chart.

See our governance structure

Statutes, regulations and policies

Starting with our Constitution, there are a number of statutes, regulations and policies that law the foundations for how the University runs. Explore the documents for a better understanding of ACU’s principles.

Reading our guiding documents
ACU Governance

Engaging with government

Government policy impacts on all areas of Australian Catholic University’s operations, including teaching, research and graduate employment. As a public university, government is a major provider of funding, a key employer of graduates and the principal source of regulation for the University. The University actively engages with government and contributes to the development of public policy in areas of relevance to the University, in line with its mission and strategic objectives.

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