You don’t need to be Catholic to study with us. Across our university, staff and students of all faiths – or none – work within the framework of respect for our mission and tradition, and commit to the pursuit of knowledge, the dignity of the human person, and the common good.

It’s OK, everyone’s welcome

As a Catholic university, ACU’s mission sits within the Catholic intellectual tradition. This tradition encourages scholars and students to explore and challenge ideas based on Catholic principles and values such as truth, honesty, integrity, peace, love and faith.

To understand what sets us apart, read through the key elements that make up our identity.

Our mission

We explore cultural, social, ethical and religious issues through the lens of our mission in teaching, research and service. Our mission gives us a distinct perspective in higher education, and drives us to make an impact for good.

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Catholic intellectual tradition

For 2,000 years, Catholic scholars have been reflecting on their faith and the world. The Catholic Church developed the first universities to demonstrate the harmony between faith and reason.

We’re part of this long history, and we invite you to become part of it too.

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Catholicism on campus

We celebrate our Catholic faith on campus in many ways. Staff and students of all faiths are welcome to join Mass, prayer services and reflections, and explore, challenge and expand their own beliefs. Open, intelligent discussion from people of all faiths is a key part of our tradition.

Our Campus Ministry team also explores ideas around faith and Catholicism by organising opportunities such as roundtables, seminars and retreats throughout the year. 

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Space for all faiths

We have multifaith prayer rooms for students of all faiths who want a quiet space to reflect, and all are welcome to find respite from a busy and noisy world in our chapels.

And, in line with our focus on inclusivity and equity, students and staff from a wide range of faiths share in and contribute to uni life at all ACU campuses.

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So you’re not Catholic?

You don’t have to be Catholic to be committed to serving the common good and working to improve the lives of the less fortunate in the world.

Our Catholic identity is evident in the values that inform our teaching; in the way we weave qualities such as compassion, dignity and empathy throughout our degrees. But students of all beliefs benefit from receiving an education that focuses on socially aware outcomes as well as academic results. All we ask is for a genuine respect for our traditions and beliefs.

We don’t expect all of our staff and students to share a single set of beliefs. And yet every day you’ll see our campus communities working together with respect and empathy to further our mission and enhance the common good.

Do you need to be Catholic to join ACU? No. But you do need to commit to being greater.

Meet our campus ministry team

If you would like to talk with someone about Catholicism at ACU, our campus ministry team can answer your questions.

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