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Our research institutes make an impact around the world across industries and communities, and in the lives of individuals. Education, health, and theology and philosophy are their core research priorities, and all are founded on the principles of social justice and the common good.

Partnerships, for good

Partnership and engagement with communities, governments, and industry is essential to create outcomes that are relevant and innovative, and have the greatest impact. We partner with other universities and researchers around the world who are expert in our priority areas. This strong international research network enables us to craft high-quality research and innovative solutions.

Industry partners

We build innovation-led relationships with partners from around the globe, collaborating to create real-world solutions to their real-world problems through significant research and development. We’re proud of these relationships and the impact we have across a broad range of industries, government and non-government organisations. 

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Research engagement

Our research engagement connects the dots between our community engagement and research activities. It’s important to consider the impact our research has on the wider community. Through research engagement, we collaborate with industry and the community to create high-quality solutions that solve complex problems and better the lives of others. 

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Our institutes

ACU IPPE - research institute

Institute for Positive Psychology and Education

The Institute for Positive Psychology and Education (IPPE) brings together leading researchers to address critical educational and psychosocial issues. Their work finds ways to enable individuals and groups to flourish and thrive.

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Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry

The Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry (IRCI) works with researchers from around the globe to examine ideas, beliefs and history in order to advance understanding of our world and imagine ways to improve it.

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ACU ILSTE research institute

Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education

Researchers at the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education (ILSTE) identify, examine, and remove barriers to learning and wellbeing. They advance new knowledge that improves the life chances for youth.

ACU MMIHR research institute

Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research

The Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research (MMIHR) undertakes research that addresses critical public health issues. Their research and innovative programs deliver better health outcomes that change lives. 

Institute for Philosophy

Dianoia Institute of Philosophy

ACU has established the Dianoia Institute of Philosophy to achieve a world-leading position for philosophical research in the analytic tradition.

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Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences

Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences

The newly opened Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences (IHSS) will develop a vibrant research culture and continue ACU’s trajectory in the liberal arts – an area of strategic importance to the University’s mission and identity.

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News and events

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We are committed to ethical research conducted with integrity and respect for the rights and interests of participants.

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