Faith and Values

As a Catholic university, we draw our inspiration from the “heart of the Church”, building on the ancient tradition which gave rise to the first universities in medieval Europe. This Catholic intellectual tradition proposes an integrated spiritual and philosophical approach to the most enduring questions of human life.

Why our mission matters

At ACU, our mission is our difference. Through the lens of the Catholic intellectual tradition, acting in Truth and Love, we are committed to human dignity, the pursuit of knowledge and the common good.

As a Catholic university, we are stewards of our Catholic tradition and our unique Australian heritage. Our mission defines who we are, what we do and the outcomes we strive to achieve for our students and staff. We actively support the living out of our mission in many ways and invite all our staff, students and stakeholders to join us on this journey.

ACU Book of Prayer

The ACU Book of Prayer is a resource for all staff and students at ACU. As a university proud of our Catholic traditions, ACU is called to live out and express its Catholic character through our relationship with God in prayer.

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Campus Ministry

Grounded in the university's Catholic identity and the charisms of our foundation religious communities, Campus Ministry's outreach embraces people of all faith traditions. 

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Catholic, and a world-leading University

Faith and Reason

As a Catholic University, ACU offers a dialogue between faith and reason in which it is understood both must play an essential part.

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Faith on Campus

Campus Ministry offers our students and staff a valuable lens through which to view the world, always animated by the hope-filled Catholicism which underpins our mission and ethical standpoint.

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Hiring for Mission

As a university proud of its Catholic traditions, ACU seeks employees who understand and contribute to our mission and vision.

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Living our Mission

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to education, faith, respect and acceptance that you’ll see all over our campuses — from community engagement opportunities that support local charities or in our core curriculum that explores ethics and global responsibility.

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Ethics and Ethics Education at ACU

As a Catholic university, ACU is explicit in its commitment to ethics as an area of study, reflection, debate and practice. The university's mission focuses on pursuit of truth, acknowledgement of universal human dignity and service of the common good.

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Exploring our Catholic Faith

The Faculty of Theology and Philosophy’s new and redesigned programs are delivered by a dynamic and engaged community of scholars who provide a comprehensive network of international affiliations, world-leading research and curriculum, and a nurturing environment for students.

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The Office of the Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for all mission-related operations of the University. The portfolio includes the Directorate of Identity and Mission, La Salle Academy, ACU Centre for Liturgy, Campus Ministry and ACU Engagement.

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Working with our Catholic Partners

As an intellectual asset for the Catholic Church in Australia, ACU is uniquely placed to work closely with our Catholic stakeholders in our shared mission of advancing the mission of the Church through its varied ministries in Australia and internationally.

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Community giving

Community giving is more than charity. It allows us to contribute to the common good through building ongoing relationships with external organisations that work with those experiencing disadvantage or marginalisation. Browse giving opportunities and see what's needed in your community.

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Join us on the road to Santiago De Compostela from 1st October to 9th October 2024.

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Our mission in action

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