We’re here to help level your playing field. If you take part in high-level activities in sports or the arts, you might be eligible for ACU’s Elite Athlete and Performer Program (EAPP).

Learn more about EAPP benefits and services, check your eligibility and find out how to apply.

Encouraging excellence with the EAPP

As a founding member of the Elite Athlete Friendly University agreement, we welcome all applicants to the Elite Athlete and Performer Program (EAPP). We couldn’t be prouder of our EAPP students.

What is the EAPP?

The Elite Athlete and Performer Program (EAPP) is designed to give students who are top sporting or artistic performers the tools they need to achieve balance across their active and academic lives.

The program comes with a range of benefits, including:

  • adjustment factors to your entry score
  • priority class allocation
  • academic support and flexibility (deferred exams, extensions, special considerations)
  • access to financial scholarships and competition/travel grants
  • networking and career development opportunities

The program is administered annually, so all EAPP students need to reapply each year to maintain access throughout their study.

You can learn more by visiting elite athlete and performer support.

Elite athlete and performer support

Am I eligible for the EAPP?

If you compete at a state, national or international level you might be eligible to join. We encourage individuals active in a wide range of elite sporting and artistic disciplines to apply. You must have filled out a relevant TAC (UAC, VTAC, QTAC) application in order to apply.

The EAPP understands that your sport and performing commitments may have been impacted due to COVID. We are committed to supporting you through your return to training and events now and into future. Simply tell us about the commitments you were selected to participate in or that you have been training for, where events went ahead please include your most recent results.

Elite athlete definition

You’re considered an elite athlete if you’ve been identified as such by one of the following organisations: 

  • the Australian Institute of Sport
  • a state institute or academy of sport
  • a relevant national or state sporting association, of which you are a member e.g. Cricket Australia, Diving Queensland, Victorian Football League (VFL).

Elite performer definition

You’re considered an elite performer if you are a member of, and have had significant success in, a major artistic performing arts or production company at a state, national or international level.

More specifically the criteria can include:

  • Actors Equity Australia
  • Australia dance council
  • Australian dance theatre
  • Australian chamber orchestra
  • The symphony Australia company
  • Opera Australia/ state opera
  • Musica viva

What we expect from you

Being an elite athlete or performer is a great honour. However, there are also some extra responsibilities such as special orientations, performance goals and being an ACU ambassador from time to time. 

Before you apply to join the EAPP, make sure you read our terms and conditions.

Elite Athlete and Performer Program terms and conditions

How to apply

Firstly, you must apply for your ACU course via your local tertiary admissions centre (TAC) or via the ACU Guarantee. Following this, you will need to gather your supporting documentation and submit an EAPP application form direct to ACU.

To get started, read our step-by-step application guide.

As well as applying for the EAPP directly to ACU, you’ll also be required to apply to your course via your relevant tertiary admissions centre (TAC) or via the ACU Guarantee.

Make sure you meet the course entry requirements and prerequisites to be offered a place in the course. 

To learn more about entry requirements and how to apply for an undergraduate course, visit undergraduate students.

Undergraduate students (How to apply)

Before applying for the EAPP, please ensure you have gathered the necessary supporting documentation: 

  • a sporting/performing resume summarising your achievements and experiences over the 12-18 months.  
  • a supporting reference letter from your relevant sporting or performing institution or association that verifies your level of elite involvement over the past 12 months and your ongoing commitments
  • current training and expected competition schedule for the upcoming year (if possible)
  • relevant high resolution competition or performance photo (action shot preferred).

Please note: Your supporting letter of recommendation must be on an official organisational letterhead, have the appropriate contact details (email and mobile) of your referee and explain your current involvement in your sport/performance. If your letter does not have these, your application will not be considered.

You can begin applying by filling out our online form. Get things underway by visiting apply for the EAPP online.

Apply for the EAPP online

FUTURE students(that is; students who have applied to their Tertiary Admissions Centre, but HAVE NOT YET received an offer from ACU. Please include your UAC/VTAC/QTAC application number on your application form to allow adjustment factors to be applied, if eligible.

If you have RECEIVED an offer from ACU and have a student number, or you are a CURRENT STUDENT, please include your student number on the application form.

Download example application (PDF 90KB)

Applications are open for Future students applying for entry in 2022, applicants should apply by 21 November to ensure EAPP adjustment factors. Applications will continue be accepted past this time and adjustment factors applied to the next eligible TAC application round.

Current student applications remain open all year round.

Once you’ve applied for the EAPP, sit tight. You’ll be notified via your registered email address of the outcome.

It’s important to remember your EAPP application is only valid if you receive a formal offer to study at ACU.

Adjustment factors

Your EAPP outcome letter will let you know if you received any adjustment factors.

Unsuccessful applications

If your application was unsuccessful, you can re-apply for the EAPP if your sporting or performing circumstances change.

Apply now

Visit our FAQ’s

Apply now

Current ACU students or re-applying for the EAPP

As a current student, you can apply for the EAPP at any time of the year. This includes both undergraduate and postgraduate students.  While applications will remain open, some EAPP benefits may vary depending on the timing of application during the semester. I.e if applicants apply after the timetabling period we cannot guarantee timetable preferencing.

EAPP members are required to re-apply to the program every 12 months, applications will open on 6 September and close 4 November. This is to ensure timetabling preference for 2022.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the EAPP or the application process, or would like to register your interest, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our EAPP coordinator.

You can access contact details or submit an enquiry form by visiting contact us.

Contact us

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