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Behaviour, Environment and Cognition Research Program

Sitting time and glycemic control in Type 2 Diabetes

Mr Christian Brakenridge | Supervisors: Professor David Dunstan & Dr Alison Carver

Interrupting prolonged sedentary sitting with intermittent standing and short bouts of walking 

Mr Francis Dzakpasu | Supervisors: Professor David Dunstan Dr Alison Carver

Modelling the spread of atrophy in Huntington's disease using network diffusion model (NDM)

Mr Madan Kc | Supervisors: Dr Govinda Poudel & Professor Ester Cerin 

A randomised control trial to promote "sitting less and moving move" in adult office workers with Type 2 Diabetes: impact on mental health

Ms Rumya Pathmanathan | Supervisors: Professor David Dunstan Dr Alison Carver

Understanding the impact of prolonged sitting and intermittent physical activity on vascular functions across states of dysmetabolism adults

Ms Frances Taylor | Supervisors: Professor David Dunstan & Professor Ester Cerin 

Exercise and Nutrition Research Program

How AMPK - glycogen binding disruption in vivo leads to tissue fat accumulation 

Mr Mehdi Belhaj | Supervisors: Dr Nolan Hoffman & Professor John Hawley 

Matters of the heart: An exercise medicine approach to counteracting the adverse effects of androgen deprivation therapy in men with prostate cancer

Ms Ashley Bigaran | Supervisors: Dr Eva Zopf

Evaluating cardiovascular disease and the impact of exercise among women with breast cancer

Ms Kelcey Bland | Supervisors: Dr Eva Zopf & Professor Luc van Loon 

Intergrating exercise interventions within routine healthcare: a plan to inform policy and practice

Ms Louise Czosnek | Supervisors: Dr Eva Zopf

The effects of energy availability in the interaction between muscle, iron and bone metabolism in elite athletes

Ms Nikita Fensham | Supervisors: Professor Louise Burke & Professor John Hawley

The impact of AMPK glycogen binding on exercise metabolism and glycogen dynamics

Ms Natalie Janzen | Supervisors: Dr Nolan Hoffman & Professor John Hawley 

The circadian influence on satellite cells in Type 2 Diabetes

Mr Ryan Kahn | Supervisors: Associate Professor Orly Lacham Kaplan & Professor John Hawley 

Investigating the role of CaMKK2 in mediating the mental health benefits of exercise 

Ms Jacqueline Kaiser | Supervisors: Professor John Hawley 

Nutrition related risk factors for rib stress fracture in rowing

Ms Bronwen Lundy | Supervisors: Professor Louise Burke & Professor John Hawley

Best practice measures of resting metabolic rate to diagnose low energy availability 

Ms Aimee Morabito | Supervisors: Professor Louise Burke & Professor John Hawley

Strategies to enhance exercise economy and performance in road event athletes 

Mr Brent Vallance | Supervisors: Professor Louise Burke & Dr Alannah McKay 

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