Professor David Dunstan
BAppSc(Hons) PhD

David DunstanHead of the Physical Activity Laboratory, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute 

Professorial Fellow, ACU

David’s research focuses on understanding the role of sedentary behaviour (too much sitting) in the prevention and management of chronic diseases. This includes: 1) development of laboratory experimental models for identifying the effects of sedentary behaviour on underlying mechanisms; 2) epidemiological investigations on the associations of sedentary behaviour with cardio-metabolic health risk biomarkers; and 3) real-world trials on the feasibility and impact of sedentary behaviour change interventions.

David is also the Head of the Physical Activity laboratory at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne and is an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow.

He has published over 160 peer reviewed papers, including publications in high impact journals such as Circulation, Diabetes Care and Diabetologia. Over the past 15 years David has generated extensive media interest in his research including interviews with ABC Catalyst, 60 Minutes Australia, New Scientist, National Public Radio, Wall Street Journal, CNN, the New York Times and the LA Times.

Accolades and awards:

  • Top Ranked Vanguard Grant for Victoria, National Heart Foundation, 2014.
  • Young Tall Poppy Science Award – Victoria 2007.


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