This broad-based approach includes:

  • Environmental and behavioural epidemiological studies aimed at:
    • identifying key physical and social aspects of urban environments which promote physical and cognitive health across the lifespan
    • understanding how genetic, psychosocial and behavioural factors interact with the environment to impact on health identifying optimal person- and environment-tailored
    • intervention strategies for the promotion of health-related behaviours
  • Clinical-based exercise-nutrition studies and interventions for:
    • improving and maintaining bone and muscle health
    • improving and maintaining metabolic health
    • the prevention and management of the adverse effects of cancer
  • MRI intervention studies to:
    • improve cognitive and motor skills, quality of life and participation in brain-injured patients
    • mitigate the adverse effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients
    • uncover the biological mechanisms, the active ingredients and the duration of action underpinning training-induced gains.
  • Focused studies to understand and describe the individual impact of risk behaviours and disease.
  • The promotion of equitable access to health services and active-friendly communities.

Our research programs

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Behaviour, Environment and Cognition Research Program

Exploring the interaction between urban environments and physical and cognitive health.

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A woman in a lab coat and wearing gloves looks through a microscope.

Exercise and Nutrition Research Program

Investigating the roles of exercise and diet in the prevention of chronic lifestyle-related diseases.

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An elderly woman smiles in the midst of some kind of outdoor exercise.

Musculoskeletal Health and Ageing Research Program

Our program has a strong focus on clinical research where findings have direct relevance to lifestyle factors and clinical practice.

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An elderly woman smiles on an exercise machine.

Exercise Oncology

The Exercise Oncology team at MMIHR strives to enhance the lives of people with cancer through innovative research and effectively translating research into practice.

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