MMIHR includes leading researchers with a proven track record and international reputation for research excellence, as well as up-and-coming researchers in the field.

Together the team brings passion, expertise and the determination to make a difference in communities through research addressing today’s most pressing health challenges. 

Executive Leaders

Institute Director & Exercise and Nutrition Program Leader 

Professor John Hawley

Professor of Research, Translation and Enterprise 

Professor Leonidas Karagounis

Behaviour, Environment & Cognition Research Program Leader

Professor Ester Cerin

Bone Health and Fractures Research Program Leader

Professor Mattias Lorentzon 

Honorary Appointments 

Exercise and Nutrition Research Program | Professor Bruce E. Kemp 

Dr YihKai Chan - Program Manager (BECRP)

Ms Alisa Turbić - Clinical Trials Coordinator (BHFRP)

Ms Katherine Roberts Thomson - Clinical Trials Coordinator (ENRP)

Ms Nerolie Stickland - Data Programmer/Administrator (BECRP)

Ms Rachel McCormick - Sports Administrator (ENRP)

Associate Professor Anthony Barnett

Adjunct Associate Professor Helena Johansson

Professor John Kanis

Professor Liesbeth Vandenput

Professor Louise Burke

Dr Muhammad Akram

Dr Sophie Broome

Dr Anoohya Gandham

Dr Nolan Hoffman

Dr Enwu Liu

Dr Alannah McKay

Dr Evelyn Parr

Dr Govinda Poudel

Dr Jamie Whitfield

Dr Eva Zopf

Mr Fawzan Dinnunhan

Mr Alex Li

Mr Miguel Molina

Mr Mark Symmons

Mr Nicolin Tee

Mr Mark Trevaskis

Ms Bronte Arthur

Mr Mehdi Belhaj

Ms Karen Hartigan

Ms Hadeel Nassar

Ms Marion McRae

Ms Maria Soloveva

Dr Andrew Garnham

Dr Caoileann Murphy

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