The Behaviour, Environment, and Cognition Research Program (BECRP) aims to stimulate research that focuses on the interaction between the characteristics of urban environments and their impact on physical and cognitive health.

The rate of urbanisation is steadily increasing, with 70% of the population estimated to be living in cities by 2050. Whilst vibrant high-density communities have been connected to better cognitive and physical health, they are also associated with harmful by-products, such as air and noise pollution.

Under the direction of Program Leader, Professor Ester Cerin, the BECRP collaborates with international researchers to gather data across a wide range of geographical locations and cultures. The program is currently the coordinating centre for two global research networks 'The International Cognitive Health and Environment Network' (ICHEN) and the 'International Physical Environment Network' (IPEN). Both provide a networking and resource sharing platform for academics, professionals, and public who are interested in the urban environments impact on health. Their research provides useful guidance to decision makers and designers who can translate research into policy and practice.

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