Meet our researchers, professional staff and adjunct research associates at the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education (IPPE), as well as current and past HDR students.

At IPPE, we pride ourselves on the calibre of our internationally recognised researchers who are backed by a talented professional team and adjunct research associates.

We have worked collaboratively to achieve synergistic blends of rigorous quantitative, qualitative, and applied research. As a result, we have delivered important contributions to international research.

Collectively, the IPPE research team has been awarded over 70 Australian Research Council (ARC) grants (including ARC Future Fellowship and DECRAs).

Our executive team

Director of IPPE

Professor Rhonda Craven 

Deputy Director of IPPE

Professor Philip Parker


Our staff

Browse our researchers, staff, students and graduates, and find out how to get in touch.

Professor Rhonda Craven – Director, IPPE  

Professor Alexander Yeung

Professor Philip Parker – Program Leader & Deputy Director, IPPE

Professor Herb Marsh

Professor Chris Lonsdale – Program Leader

Professor Janet Mooney – Professorial Fellow & Program Leader 

Professor Richard M Ryan – Professorial Fellow 

Professor Joseph Ciarrochi

Professor Reinhard Pekrun – Professorial Fellow 

Professor Jacquelynne Eccles – Professorial Fellow 

Professor Felicia A Huppert 

Professor Johnmarshall Reeve – Professor

Professor Charles Hulme – Professorial Fellow

Dr Baljinder Sahdra – Deputy Program Lead

Dr Taren Sanders – Deputy Program Lead 

Dr Robert Brockman – Deputy Program Lead 

Dr Theresa Dicke – Senior Research Fellow

Dr Anthony Dillon – Postdoctoral Research Fellow 

Dr Jiesi Guo – Senior Research Fellow 

Dr Borja del Pozo-Cruz – Senior Research Fellow 

Dr Paul Atkins – Senior Research Fellow  

Dr Michael Noetal – Research Fellow  

Dr Hye-Ryen Jang – Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Emma Bradshaw – Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Stefano Di Domenico

Visiting Scholars

Professor Katariina Salmelo-Aro

Associate Professor Ingar Mehus

Dr Hanne Berthelsen – Associate Professor of Leadership and Organisation

Dr Kristina Loderer – Assistant Professor

Dr Christoph Niepel – Research Scientist

Dr Roberto Parada

Dr Zhijun Xu

Linda Riek – Institute Manager

Administrative staff

Timothy Kent – Data Management Officer

John Kirwan – Administrative Coordinator

Karen Ling – Administrative Coordinator

Dr Joy Talukdar – Research Executive Officer

Emma Timmins – Program Support Officer

Anh Vu – Program Support Officer

Roberta Vasconcellos – Project Officer

Indigenous thriving

Dr Alicia Franklin – Research Program Manager

Louise Carrall – Senior Administration Officer

Theresa Ardler – Research Indigenous Liaison Officer

Laurie McCormack – Research Project Coordinator

Dr Munirah Shaik Kadir – Research Project Coordinator

Dr Jenny McMullan – Research Project Officer 

Douglas Roy – Research Assistant 

Rachana Deshpande – Research Assistant 

Thomas Rolls – Research Project Officer

Positive psychology

Dr HeeRa Heaser – Research Project Coordinator

Dr Brooke Van Zanden – Research Project Officer

Sioau-Mai See – Research Project Officer

Dr Aimee Maxwell – Research Project Officer

Marcus Horwood – Research Assistant 

Charlotte Knoester – Research Project Officer

Dr Shannon Said – Mentor/Research Assistant

Motivation and behaviour

Dr Jasper Duineveld – Research Technical Support Officer

Kirsty Bergan – Research Project Officer

Hugh Arnott – Research Project Officer

Devan Antczak – Research Project Officer

Jane Lee – Research Project Officer

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