Institutes, academies and centres

Our institutes, academies and centres seek to understand, provide innovative solutions to, and influence key issues of our time. Discover how our public policy activities, community engagement programs, and other initiatives benefit a wide cross-section of society – in Australia and abroad. 

Strong ties to strengthen society

ACU strong ties to society

Universities exist to serve. By building strong networks and engaging with the community in our work, our impact can be real – and lasting.

Our mission

Our academies, centres and institutes work within the Catholic intellectual tradition – dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, the dignity of the human person, and the common good. Our staff live this mission daily as they strive to make an impact, for good.

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Community engagement

As a university of service, we’re committed to making an impact through ongoing community engagement and volunteering opportunities. Our academies, institutes and centres work with partners to apply innovative solutions to issues affecting communities.

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Centres and institutes

Centre for Liturgy

ACU Centre for Liturgy

We provide specialist expertise, teaching, research and formation in liturgical studies, sacramental theology and the sacred arts. We offer formative education for parish ministers through to higher degree research students.

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Institute of Child Protection Studies

We aim to enhance the outcomes for children, young people and families. Our work promotes children’s participation, strengthens service systems, informs practice and supports child-safe communities.

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ACU Plunkett Centre for Ethics

Plunkett Centre for Ethics

We study ethical issues in healthcare and biomedical research. Our centre promotes the values of compassion and fellowship, intellectual and professional excellence, and fairness and justice. 

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ACU PM Glynn

PM Glynn Institute

The PM Glynn Institute provides the Catholic community with a standing capacity to analyse public policy issues of concern, not only to the church but also to the wider Australian community.

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ACU Queensland Bioethics Centre

Queensland Bioethics Centre

We collaborate with the Archdiocese of Brisbane to conduct high-quality research, education and consultancy in the area of bioethics. Through our work, we engage with communities locally and internationally.

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Our Lives Project

The Our Lives Project is an ongoing research study that follows a large cohort of young Queenslanders from adolescence into adulthood. We aim to empirically investigate how young people think about their future and how they master their trajectories in a world of rapid change and uncertainty.

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Faculty research

Nursing Research Institute (NRI)

Nursing Research Institute

Our research is focused on implementing evidence-based care to improve patient outcomes and health systems. The Institute is a collaboration between ACU and St Vincent’s Health Australia in Sydney.

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Nursing Research and Practice Development Centre (NRPDC)

Our research priorities are embedded within the NRPDC Strategic Plan 2021 – 2024, which is agreed jointly between TPCH and ACU. The NRPDC Strategic Plan performance indicators are consistent with key objectives identified in the Metro North Hospital and Health Service Strategic Plan (2020 – 2024), as well as ACU’s Research Indicators.

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A teacher reading to a group of young children in a library

Australian Centre for the Advancement of Literacy

The centre's mission is the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge on how people learn to read and write, how they use reading and writing to learn and express ideas, and how others in their lives can best support these processes.

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ACU research institutes

Research institutes

Our research institutes collaborate with strategic university and industry partners, at home and abroad. This extensive research network contributes to our research excellence in our priority areas of education, health, and theology and philosophy.

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Networks, hubs and academies

Inter-religious Dialogue Network

Our network was inspired by the vision of Vatican II. We promote inter-religious dialogue, mutual understanding and respect through research, teaching and community engagement. 

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La Salle Academy

Our aim is to develop and deliver quality teaching and research programs realising the aspirations of the new evangelisation. We train teachers and leaders with the skills to bring faith and life into dialogue.

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We work with schools and communities to improve educational outcomes for students in the areas of science, ICT and mathematics. Our research hub has a specific focus on children in rural and regional schools. 

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We are committed to ethical research conducted with integrity and respect for the rights and interests of participants.

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