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Thank you for visiting and we welcome you to this site. Here you will find information about the various activities of the Inter-religious Dialogue Network (formerly known as the Centre for Inter-religious Dialogue).

Vatican II called on all Catholics to be in dialogue with their brothers and sisters from the other Christian denominations as well as from the other religious traditions of the world. It is in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council that Australian Catholic University's Inter-religious Dialogue Network was founded. We strive to actualize the vision of Vatican II by providing a forum for theological dialogue amongst the members of different religions in Australia and Asia-Pacific.

We also aim to ensure that such dialogue will not only promote respect and understanding of the religions but also foster positive relationships amongst its members and constructive collaborations in the pursuit of justice and peace. Through the praxis of dialogue, we also seek, in the words of Pope Benedict XVI, "to discover the truth." We invite you to join in our quest for truth and share our dream for a more harmonious society.

Edmund Chia
Co-ordinator, Inter-religious Dialogue Network

Mission and goals of the Centre

The Inter-Religious Dialogue Network, IDN (formerly known as the Centre for Inter-religious Dialogue or CID) was established in August 2006 as a national initiative of Australian Catholic University.

Located in the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy at Australian Catholic University, the Inter-Religious Dialogue Network is inspired by the vision of Vatican II.


Through research, teaching and community engagement to promote inter-religious dialogue, mutual understanding and respect.


  1. Provide leadership to initiatives in inter-religious dialogue
  2. Make a sustained intellectual contribution to inter-religious dialogue from the perspective of the Catholic tradition
  3. Support international research into inter-religious dialogue
  4. Bring inter-religious perspectives and insights to contemporary social issues.

IDN members

Dr. Edmund Chia – Co-ordinator IDN; School of Theology ACU (Melbourne)
Prof. Neil Ormerod - Director, Centre for Catholic Thought and Practice, including Inter-religious Dialogue
Prof. Ismail Albayrak – Fethullah Gülen Chair for Islam and Muslim-Catholic Relations
Mr. Fatih Erol Tuncer – Project Officer, Faculty of Theology and Philosophy ACU (Melbourne)
Rev. Dr. John Dupuche – Honorary Fellow IDN (Melbourne)
Assoc. Prof. Rev. Gerard Hall SM – School of Theology ACU (Brisbane)
Professor Raymond Canning – Honorary Fellow IDN (Canberra)
Emeritus Prof. Tony Johns – Adjunct Professor IDN (Canberra)
Rabbi John Levi – Adjunct Professor IDN (Melbourne)
Assoc. Prof. Daniel Madigan SJ – Adjunct Professor IDN (Washington DC)
Dr. John D'Arcy May – Adjunct Professor IDN (Melbourne)
Rev. Dr. Patrick McInerney SSC – Honorary Fellow IDN (Sydney)
Prof. James McLaren – Assoc. Dean (Research), Fac. of Theology and Philosophy
Rabbi Frederick Morgan – Honorary Fellow IDN (Melbourne)
Dr. Rapin Quinn – Honorary Fellow IDN (Canberra)
Dr. Anita Ray – Honorary Fellow IDN (Melbourne)
Dr. Emmanuel Nathan– School of Theology ACU (Strathfield)
Rev. Dr. Michael Trainor – School of Theology (Adelaide)
Dr. Terry Veling – School of Theology ACU (Brisbane)
Ms. Naomi Wolfe – ACU (Melbourne)

Contact us

Inter-religious Dialogue Network (IDN)
Australian Catholic University
Level 4, 250 Victoria Parade,
East Melbourne, Victoria, 3002, Australia
Locked Bag 4115 Fitzroy MDC VIC 3065

T: +61 [3] 9953 3920
F: +61 [3] 9417 3259
E: cid@acu.edu.au

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