Study overseas

Why go on exchange?

There are so many reasons to study abroad. You can:

  • travel without delaying your studies
  • expand your horizons and become globally aware
  • make new friends
  • learn another language
  • enhance your degree and improve your employability
  • gain confidence and develop leadership skills.

How long is exchange?

That’s up to you! With program lengths ranging from 10 days up to 12 months, ACU offers you a diverse choice of affordable and rewarding international opportunities.

Full semester exchanges

Study overseas for a whole semester and gain credit towards your ACU degree.

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Short term programs

Keen to study abroad but not for a full semester? We offer various short term programs that range from two to six weeks in duration. They take place during our semester breaks, either in January or July.

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Study the Core Curriculum overseas

The Core Curriculum is unique to ACU, and it offers a range of exclusive study abroad opportunities in Rome, Beijing, Paris and London.

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Other overseas opportunities

You can also participate in a range of study tours and community engagement programs which offer specialised, short term overseas experiences.

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Costs and financial support

As an ACU student, you’ll be entitled to a university travel grant to help cover the cost of travel for approved international activities. So, you’ll essentially get some free funds to help you study overseas and have the time of your life!

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