The Musculoskeletal Health and Ageing Research Program has a strong focus on clinical research where findings have direct relevance to lifestyle factors and clinical practice.

Although hip fractures are generally associated with the most serious health consequences, the significant decline in health-related quality of life associated with fractures at other sites is being increasing recognised.

In addition to establishing the cost and quality of life burden of fractures in older Australians, the Musculoskeletal Health and Ageing Research Program also investigates the role of exercise and nutrition in bone and muscle health. Research into the role of vitamin D sufficiency offers many clues to promoting musculoskeletal health in an ageing population. Most fractures occur when an older person falls. By focusing on both muscle and bone health, research findings can identify strategies to help maintain both muscle and bone mass with healthy ageing and thereby delay the onset of frailty in the oldest sector of our population.

The research done by the Musculoskeletal Health and Ageing research team is of a high international standard and in collaboration with both national and international experts in osteoporosis and ageing.

Professorial Fellows

Professor John A. Kanis

Dr. Michael R. McClung

Professor Ego Seeman

Research Staff

Dr Catherine Connaughton 

Dr Karen Lim

Dr Enwu Liu

PhD Candidates

Ghazala Naureen

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