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ILSTE hosts a team of eminent researchers and international scholars, research students and professional staff working in a range of capacities in support of our research.

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Jacinta Bartlett, Research Project Officer

Alinta Brown, Research Assistant

Dr Jen Cope, Senior Project Officer

Dr Elizabeth Heck, Research Assistant

Christine Jackson, Senior Research Officer

Dr Timothy Katiba, Research Assistant

Dr Andrew Smith, Senior Research Project Manager

Ms Jo Macri, Senior Project Officer

Ms Catherine Delzoppo, Research Assistant

Nathan Lowien

Phung Tien Nguyen

Maryam Razmjoee

Marijne Medhurst

Bessie Stone

Associate Professor Tomas Hojgaard, Aarhus University

Professor Jill Porter, University of Reading

Professor Diana C. Pullin, Boston College, Massachusetts

Professor Katsuhiro Yamazumi, Kansai University

Professor Theo van Leeuwen, University of Technology, Sydney

Adjunct Professor

Associate Professor Susan Bridges - awarded to 23 February 2020 - in recognition of her outstanding achievements in medical and dental education as well as her expertise and significant strengths in the area of research.

Associate Professor Mary Macken-Horarik - awarded to 10 September 2021 – in recognition of her international reputation and scholarly expertise in the field of Senior Secondary English Curriculum.

Honorary Professor

Dr Graham Maxwell - awarded 10 April 2020 - in recognition of his national and international reputation as a leader in the area of educational assessment.

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Professor Harry Daniels - awarded to 23 February 2020 - in recognition of his reputation as an internationally-renowned expert educational researcher and his willingness to provide research mentorship and rise the profile of ACU in international research communities

Professor Theo van Leeuwen - awarded to 12 October 2020 - in recognition of his leadership in the field of social semiotics, in particular his development of social semiotics theories and methods for the analysis of multimodal communication.

De Lee-Anne Perry AM - awarded to 9 April 2021 - in recognition of her reputation as a leader in the field of education and acknowledges her willingness to collaborate with ACU in partnership building, developing excellent teacher education programs and in building enhanced capacity in Catholic schools through collaborative professional development and policy formation.

Mr Mike Byrne - awarded for 3 years to 15 June 2019 - in recognition of his extensive professional experience and willingness to support the work of ACU and ILSTE in developing strong educational networks with Catholic Education and Dioceses.

Professor Gordon Stobart - awarded to 23 February 2020 - in recognition of his reputation as an internationally-renowned expert in education assessment and his willingness to provide international strength to the educational assessment profile of the ILSTE.

Professor Rudolph Straesser - awarded to 10 April 2020 - in recognition of his publication record in Mathematics Education, his preparedness to provide strategic advice about publication and project application opportunities and willingness to participate in joint research projects with Australian Catholic University.


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