From a child’s earliest learning experiences through a lifetime of learning, the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education works to improve education outcomes for all young people.  

English and literacies

Educational semiotics in English and literacy pedagogy addresses all aspects of traditional and new forms of literacy education, including multimodal and digital literacy. as well as childhood and adolescent literacies outside of schooling.

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Research Centre for Digital Data and Assessment in Education

The Research Centre for Digital Data and Assessment in Education explores how technologies are transforming education inside and outside schooling.

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Assessment, evaluation and education policy

This research examines quality educational assessment to capture and direct student learning to meet 21st century learning goals encompassing curriculum knowledge and skills, interpersonal skills and values.

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Early childhood futures

This research examines the role of play-based learning in building young children’s knowledge outcomes for the 21st century.

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Data analytics in education

This research investigates and applies innovative data science methodologies to analysis of individual learning and teaching outcomes using large-scale longitudinal social survey and administrative education data.

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STEM in education

STEM in Education advances disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge to ensure that all students have opportunities to become proficient, critical knowers and users of mathematics and science in a complex technologically-oriented and data-rich world.

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Teachers’ work and workforce studies

This research concerns the development of expertise in initial teacher education and teachers’ continuing professional learning, and engages with the criticism that the evidence base for teacher education is not sufficiently research-oriented.

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