The Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education is an interdisciplinary research institute focused on making a difference to children's lives.

The Institute focuses on 21st Century teaching and learning, diversity, innovation and engagement with improving learning outcomes at the core of what we do.

Making a difference

Our mission

Engage in vigorous, socially relevant and ethically committed research to improve outcomes for children, teachers and the wider community.

Our researchers

We are a national research institute hosting a team of eminent researchers and international scholars undertaking funded research studies with a range of government and industry partners.


We prioritise connecting our research with policy and practice. We achieve this by providing a forum for researchers, scholars, policy-makers and practitioners to collaborate and share evidence-based knowledge to enhance quality teaching and learning.

Research alignment

Our research is premised on the idea that education, health and well-being predicate life opportunities. Researchers undertake investigations that generate new knowledge in education and learning including cognitive and non-cognitive aspects. While we span various disciplines, our common goal is to remove barriers to learning and thereby enhance social and economic participation of all.


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