The Sports Performance, Recovery, Injury and New Technologies (SPRINT) Research Centre aims to advance knowledge in the areas of human performance, recovery and injury. We deliver impactful and timely research using cutting edge research techniques, across three states in Australia.

SPRINT research focuses on the interactions between athlete performance, fatigue, sleep and recovery interventions and the prevention, risk identification and rehabilitation of injury with a strong emphasis on findings that directly translate into practice.


The Performance Program focuses on mental and physical fatigue; training for performance improvements; and the validity, reliability and application of performance testing protocols.

Program Lead: Associate Professor Stuart Cormack

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The Recovery Program focuses on sleep and performance recovery. Understanding interventions to enhance sleep, including nutritional interventions; the influence of competition, training and performance variables on sleep; validation of new technology that assess sleep quality; particularly in female athletes.

Program lead: Professor Shona Halson

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The Injury Program aims to advance knowledge on the prevention, risks, consequences, rehabilitation and return to participation following HSI and ACL injury.

Program lead: Associate Professor David Opar

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