Program leader

Professor Ester Cerin

Environmental and psychosocial determinants of lifestyle behaviours and health; physical activity, cognitive and cardiometabolic health, sustainable environments and applied statistics 

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Senior Researchers 

Professor Mark J. Nieuwenhuijsen

Childhood and environment, air pollution, urban planning, environment and health

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Professor Jim F. Sallis

Promoting physical activity, policy and environmental influences on physical activity, built environments, behaviour and health and research translation 

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Associate Professor Anthony Barnett

Built environment, psychosocial influences on health related outcomes, free living physical activity measurement methods 

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Dr Muhammad Akram

Applied statistical modelling, application of time series analysis and forecasting, predictive and multilevel modelling in environment and health sciences

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Dr Govinda Poudel

Magnetic resonance imaging, biomedical signal processing, sleep research, Huntington's disease and neurodegeneration

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Yih Kai Chan
Program Manager 

Kako Choi
Research Assistant 

Ralf Dieter Schroes

Karen Hartigan
Research Assistant 

Alex Li
GIS Technical & Research Officer 

Miguel Molina
Senior Research Analyst (Environment Science, Engineering and Modelling)
Sonia Marchionda
Research Support Officer 

Lara Pigatto
Research Communications Manager (ICHEN & IPEN) 

Apeksha Purohit
Senior GIS Technical & Research Officer 

Carmin Smith
Research Support Officer 

Maria Soloveva
Research Manager(Neuropsychology) 

Nerolie Stickland
Data Manager 

Mark Symmons
Senior Research Officer 

Leonila Tanyag
Data Administrator 

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