Move forward by giving back. Our Community Achiever Program (CAP) is open to people who volunteer for local community, social justice, sporting or cultural causes. In return, you’ll gain early entry and tap into leadership and development opportunities.


What is the CAP?

The Community Achiever Program (CAP) was previously named the Early Achievers’ Program (EAP).

The program offers future students who are active in their community early entry to their undergraduate course of choice. It also provides opportunities to enhance leadership and volunteering skills.

If you’re successful in applying for the CAP, you could receive an offer to study with us as early as August.

Who is eligible?

Anyone applying for an undergraduate bachelor course at ACU, with a demonstrated history of regular volunteering experience from an approved category, is eligible.

You can apply if you are one of the following:

  • completing Year 12 schooling in Australia
  • returning to study later in life
  • a current ACU student
  • an international student completing Year 12 schooling in Australia.

We will only assess one application per person, so apply once and make it count.

Community service whether voluntary or part of a school’s curriculum will be considered. If your high school has a charity or volunteering program that you’ve participated in, this is suitable to include in your application. Your application will be assessed on the nature, frequency and duration of the work so include experiences which highlight your commitment to the cause. Volunteering undertaken as part of paid employment and any work experience whether paid or unpaid will not be considered.

Yes, if your sporting achievements and commitments have involved community service, such as:

  • significant demonstrated fundraising for your club or association
  • unpaid coaching in your sport
  • involvement with organising or managing your local club or association.

Application dates for 2021 intake

Open date

Applications for the 2021 CAP program will open on 1 May 2020.

For information on 2021 CAP offer release dates see the table below.

Closing dates

Applications for CAP places will be staggered by campus.

Campus 2021 CAP close date
CampusBrisbane 2021 CAP close date29 July 2020
CampusBlacktown 2021 CAP close date5 August 2020
CampusMelbourne 2021 CAP close date12 August 2020
CampusCanberra 2021 CAP close date26 August 2020
CampusBallarat 2021 CAP close date2 September 2020
CampusNorth Sydney 2021 CAP close date9 September 2020
CampusStrathfield 2021 CAP close date16 September 2020

Offers released

Offers for 2021 places at ACU will be released by campus. We guarantee that all successful applicants will have an outcome by mid-October 2020.

Campus 2021 CAP offers released from
CampusBrisbane 2021 CAP offers released fromMid-August
CampusBlacktown 2021 CAP offers released fromLate August
CampusMelbourne 2021 CAP offers released fromEarly September
CampusCanberra 2021 CAP offers released fromMid-September
CampusBallarat 2021 CAP offers released fromMid-September
CampusNorth Sydney 2021 CAP offers released fromLate September
CampusStrathfield 2021 CAP offers released fromEarly October

How to apply for the CAP

For more detail on how to apply, including what you’ll need and application writing tips, visit our program application page.

Apply for the CAP

Next steps

Once we have received your application, we’ll process it and let you know the outcome by the end of October 2020.

For more information on how your CAP application will be processed, visit our CAP assessment and offers page.

Learn more about how the CAP is assessed and offered


Other pathways

Not sure if the CAP is right for you? One of our other pathways and early entry schemes below may be a good fit.

Apply for the EAPP

If you have an outstanding track record as an athlete or performer, you could hit the ground running with our Elite Athlete or Performer Program (EAPP).

Learn more about the EAPP

Apply for Passion for Business

Get an early competitive edge with our Passion for Business early entry program. You’ll receive an early offer, have access to a range of resources and be able to study abroad.

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Apply for Passion for Law

Our Passion for Law early entry program could kickstart your legal career. Enjoy early entry, access workshops and networking events, and embrace the opportunities to study abroad.

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Work and life experience pathway

Not coming straight from school? You’re in good company: nearly half of our students have joined us later in life.

Learn more about your admission options

Need help? Contact us

You can get in touch with AskACU or student support if you have any questions about the CAP.

Email AskACU
Search our FAQ knowledge database
Call us on 1300 275 228.


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