It’s time to make your move. Will you step up? If you’ve finished secondary education at any point over the past two years, we have a range of pathways and entry programs available to help you study with us.

Are these pathways or entry programs for me?

You are considered a recent secondary education applicant if:

  • You are a current Year 12 student and you will complete your schooling this year.
  • You completed your Year 12 schooling at any point over the past two years.*

We have a range of pathways and entry programs available to you depending on your interests, history of volunteering or sporting achievement, schooling location and personal background.

A pathway is an extra qualification or test you take in addition to your application that helps you meet your course entry requirements.

An entry program is a way of boosting the success of your first application if you meet certain criteria with your schooling or personal background.

* The two-year time period does not include the current year. Applicants who finished Year 12 in 2016, for example, would qualify for the 2019 study year. 

Who can use these pathways and entry programs

You should explore these pathways if recent secondary education is your highest qualification. 

If you have any additional qualifications, such as VET, previous higher education study or work experience, you should visit one of the following pathway pages:

Your entry and pathway options

ACU Guarantee

Our ACU Guarantee program assesses you for entry to ACU based on your Year 11 results. Offers may be made as early as September. And while successful applicants must still complete their Year 12 exams, you can do so secure in the knowledge that your marks from Year 11 meet our entry requirements.

Learn more about ACU Guarantee

Adjustment factors

Adjustment factors add extra points to your selection rank depending on your personal background, performance in certain subjects, or what school you went to.

If your entry score isn’t high enough for admission into your chosen course, in some cases adjustment factors can automatically provide the extra boost your application needs.

Find out more about adjustment factors

Schools Recommendation Scheme (NSW and ACT only)

Applicants from NSW and ACT are eligible for an early offer to ACU through the Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS).

To learn more about the scheme and check your eligibility, view our SRS page.

Find out more about the Schools Recommendation Scheme

I am Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

We offer a range of pathways for our future students who identify as Indigenous Australians. 

Check out these pathways by visiting our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander pathways page.

Find out more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander pathways

I am an elite athlete or performer

If you have excelled as an athlete or performer, you can achieve academic excellence through the Elite Athlete and Performer Program (EAPP).

You can learn more about the program, including eligibility and how to apply, by visiting our EAPP page.

Find out more about the EAPP

I didn’t get my ATAR / rank score

If you didn’t get the school result you were hoping for, don’t worry. We have a range of pathways and entry programs available to you. There are many ways to get into ACU – and no way is the right way.

To see what options are available for you, visit our entry programs page. 

Learn what to do if you didn’t get the ATAR / rank score

I am an international student

Not all of our pathway options are available to our international students, but we’re working on it. 

If you’re based internationally, you can see what pathways are available to you by visiting our international pathways page.

Find out more about our international pathways

Questions? Contact AskACU 

Our friendly team at AskACU and student support are here for any questions you may have about pathways or entry programs.

Email AskACU

Search our FAQ knowledge database

Call us on 1300 275 228.

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