Dr Evelyn Parr

A picture of Evelyn ParrBPhEd BSc MPhEd PhD

Research Fellow, Exercise and Nutrition Research Program

Dr Evelyn Parr is a recent PhD graduate with a research interest in reducing obesity through changes in body composition in response to exercise and nutritional interventions. As a keen cyclist, Evelyn’s research interests centre around optimizing and enabling the best prescription of exercise to individuals with a previous history of not exercising.

Evelyn completed her undergraduate Physical Education and Science degrees at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. She then completed a research masters in Exercise Metabolism investigating the effects of exercising in the cold on metabolism in female cyclists. A move to Australia to work with Prof Hawley, originally at RMIT and then at ACU, enabled Evelyn to run a large-scale weight loss exercise and diet intervention, aimed at preventing the loss of skeletal muscle mass in older adults, as a part of her PhD studies. Evelyn was awarded her PhD in May of 2016, titled “Exercise and nutrient interactions: Effects on skeletal muscle and body fat mass”.

Evelyn’s current research portfolio in the Centre for Exercise and Nutrition involves work regarding manipulating the timing and composition of nutritional intake and exercise on the development of type 2 diabetes concomitant with overweight/obesity. Evelyn is currently the assistant supervisor to one PhD student and has previous supervisory experience with Honours students.


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