The Program in Biblical and Early Christian Studies pursues research on Greek, Latin, Syriac, and Coptic Christian traditions up to c. 1,000 CE, taking into account the manifold contexts within which these traditions developed.

In keeping with the foundational importance of the texts that came to form the canon of Christian scripture, one of the program’s main areas of focus is the discipline traditionally known as biblical studies, though the program aims to put these texts in a wider historical context by examining less mainstream Christian traditions, as well as the reception of biblical texts in the late antique period and beyond.

A further aim of the program is to examine the way in which Christian traditions from the first century onwards interacted with the religious and cultural matrices out of which they emerged, especially the Jewish and Greco-Roman heritages. A related important area of research is exploring the processes associated with, and ramifications of, Christianity’s growing power in the ancient world, and the transformation of the Roman Empire into Byzantium in the East and medieval Christendom in the West.

Hence, among the topics studied by our researchers are the interaction of canonical and non-canonical literature; Hellenistic Judaism, including Philonic studies; textual criticism and the history of the book; Christian attitudes towards medicine; experimentation with literary genres such as the dialogue; Christian practices of asceticism; the development of doctrine during this period; and Christian responses to the rise of Islam from the seventh century onwards. Moreover, our research aims to advance conversations with other areas of contemporary theology, hermeneutics, and religious studies.

Currently the program houses two large-scale grant projects that organise annual seminars at ACU's Rome Campus. A fortnightly research seminar showcases outstanding work in the field from Australia and around the world. For queries relating to the seminar series please contact Kylie Crabbe or Jonathan Zecher.

The program welcomes applications from prospective students interested in pursuing a PhD or MA by research. To inquire please email program director Associate Professor Matthew Crawford.

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Our global and multidisciplinary team of scholars are experts in the fields of religion, theology, history, and literature.

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