Program director

Professor Matthew Crawford

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Professor Lewis Ayres

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A/Prof. Stephen C. Carlson

New Testament; Christian origins; Hellenistic Greek; textual criticism; Papias of Hierapolis

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Professor Michael Champion

Early Christianity; late-antique and medieval history; ancient philosophy; Classical to Byzantine cultural and intellectual history; history of emotions; history of violence; Classical receptions

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A/Prof. Kylie Crabbe

Gospels and Acts (New Testament and non-canonical); Second Temple Judaism; apocalypses; historiography; reception history; disability studies; feminist biblical interpretation

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Dr Benjamin Edsall

Pauline literature; early Christian gospels; New Testament reception; early Christian interpretation; hermeneutics

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Dr Sarah Gador-Whyte

Late-antique and Byzantine hymnography and homiletics; Byzantine liturgy; late-antique cultural interactions; late-antique history and historiography; religious conflict; history of emotions

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Dr Michael Hanaghan

Latin epistolography; historiography; panegyric

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Dr Dawn LaValle Norman

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Dr Jonathan Zecher

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Dr Katherine Krauss

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Latin literature; early Christianity; literary history; exemplarity and canonicity; imperialism and local identity

Affiliate Researchers

Dr Mark Hebblewhite

late Roman army; religion in late antiquity; politics in late antiquity; Roman history; Roman numismatics; Roman imperial politics

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Dr David Newheiser

Religious ethics; Continental philosophy; philosophy of religion; political theology; gender and sexuality; early Christian thought

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Professor David T. Runia

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Dr Michael P. Theophilos

New Testament studies; ancient languages (Greek, Hebrew, Latin); Greek lexicography; numismatics; papyrology; epigraphy

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Dr Brendan Wolfe

Historical theology; Germanic philology; encyclopaedic theology; Gothic; theology & the arts; JRR Tolkien

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Professor Joan Taylor

Biblical, Second Temple and Christian literature and its archaeological and cultural context; the history of Judaea/Palestine within the Graeco-Roman period; Second Temple Judaism, especially Josephus, Philo of Alexandria and other Jewish writers of the Hellenistic and Roman periods; the Dead Sea Scrolls in their archaeological and cultural environment; the historical figures of Jesus, John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene, Pontius Pilate; the archaeology and history of Christian holy places, site identifications, Christian geography and travel to Palestine; women, gender and sexuality within Second Temple Judaism, early Christianity and the Graeco-Roman world; reception studies of the Bible in television, theatre, literature and film; the representation of Jesus in western art; ancient dress and textile archaeology.

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Research students

Jason Bryan-Brown

Emily Fero-Kovassy

Malki Malki

Haydn Lea

James McCollum

Austin Steen

Grant Sutherland

Rev. Thomas Pietsch

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