Higher Degree Research

Applications are open for Higher Degree Research (HDR) domestic and international candidates with intended research topics in one of the Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences (IHSS)'s areas of research expertise: gender and women's history; histories of refugees, migration and humanitarian studies; European empires and global world histories; colonial and comparative Indigenous histories; social and political change; political economy; and literature.

Successful applicants will be fully immersed in the intellectual life of IHSS, at ACU's St. Patrick's Campus in Fitzroy, Melbourne, participating in seminars, conferences, and reading groups, and working collaboratively with our team of world-class scholars on the cutting edge of history, politics and literature.

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Successful applicants are also able to apply for financial support through one of ACU's competitive research scholarships. Financial support may include a stipend scholarship, a fees-offset scholarship or a tuition fee waiver (as appropriate). Full details are found at ACU's research scholarships page.

Types of higher degree research

At ACU, the PhD is a three-year degree, while the MPhil is a two-year degree. A PhD thesis must make an original contribution to the field, whereas an MPhil thesis is required to display mastery of its field. For more information about HDR/graduate degrees at ACU, consult the following links:

Become a research candidate

Applicants must follow the instructions ACU's How to apply page. If you are applying for candidature and a stipend scholarship please check the application deadlines at ACU's research scholarships page.

Before you apply

Prior to submitting your application you should review:

As part of your application, you must include a 2,000-word research proposal, with the following:

  1. Description of the research problem;
  2. Aims, theoretical background and hypotheses/research questions;
  3. Methodology and approach;
  4. Timeline;
  5. Resources required to conduct the research (financial, non-financial, including possible funding sources);
  6. A relevant bibliography/referencing section (excluded from word count).

Please provide a draft of the research proposal when making contact with a potential supervisor so you can discuss your application prior to submission.

Further information

For further information please contact Candidature Services at res.cand@acu.edu.au or the Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences at ihss@acu.edu.au


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