The Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences hosts the following seminars across our research programs.

The Friday Forum

The Friday Forum is a monthly panel discussion hosted by the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences involving colleagues from within ACU and beyond.

The topics discussed include contemporary issues, commemorative events or other topical matters of interest to the ACU community and the general public.

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IHSS Research Seminars

IHSS hosts a monthly seminar on the first Tuesday of each month, as well as occasional lectures related to IHSS research projects. The seminars engage in lively discussion on a range of research projects undertaken by scholars in the Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Rome Seminars

ACU’s Rome Campus opened in September 2015. The Rome Seminar series draws together international scholars to discuss critical questions in Humanities and Social Sciences from multidisciplinary perspectives. Providing a collaborative space to craft ideas in conversation with other researchers, the seminars are a practical expression of our ongoing commitment to world-leading research. 

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