Browse a list of T3 Trial collaborators and recruitment at each participating hospital. 

Figures in parentheses are the number of patients recruited by the hospital. Principal investigators are listed first for each site. Some investigators worked across multiple sites, however, they are listed for one site only.

New South Wales

  • Canberra Hospital (126): M Hall, H Byrne, M Correas, B Jones, C Lueck, K Nicholls, S Wright
  • Bankstown Hospital (32): M Smith, DKY Chan, C Fuller, H Guo, B Mendonsa, J Morris, F O'Rourke
  • Bathurst Base Hospital (33): G Marshall, R Bedwell, B McGarity, F Ryan
  • John Hunter Hospital (91): M Lee, K Jones, M Norton, MW Parsons, M Visser
  • Liverpool Hospital (60): P Middleton, H Cheng, J Khan, A McDougall, M Mendonca
  • Nepean Hospital (48): R Bishop, T De villecourt, J Slyney, R Evans, S Haverfield, S Lane, A Sharma
  • Prince of Wales Hospital (43): M Golding, A Bailey, K Howes, S Small, S Tooher, A Zagami
  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (85): T Green, C Anderson, B Hobbs, R Stone, K Tastula
  • St George Public Hospital (95): SE Asha, L Allport, A Clements, K Coughlan, D Gojkovic, S Pompfret
  • St Vincent's Hospital (50): G Fulde, R Mackinnon, R Markus, D Rowe, P Sangvatanakul
  • Westmead Hospital (41): M Murphy, A Alavanja, A Evans, M Tan


  • Gold Coast University Hospital (145): D Green, CD Fiander, D Hill, B Kenny, R Mckeen, MA Owusu, A Sabet
  • Nambour General Hospital (141): O Thom, A Buckley, R Grimley, M Gutteridge, D Lloyd, T Maguire, D Rowley, EJ Schreiweis
  • Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (67): K Chu, J Brownlie, A Cawdron, A Hiscock, T Hormann, K Ryan, M Takashima, H Wilson, A Wong
  • Townsville Hospital (82): J Dutson, T Cole, H Goodmanson, K Hampton, D Koroblitsas, M McAllister, A Parker, B Perrett, R White
  • Wesley Hospital (15): C Bull, S Tan


  • The Alfred Hospital (43): DV Smit, H Bulda, D Chan, M Clayton, G Cloud, E Hamson, C Hatherley, D Kinsella, K McBrearty, D Myles, V Plummer, M Stone, KG Truong
  • The Austin Hospital (120): M Yeoh, G Chappell, B Coulton, L Fuhrmeister, J Pearsell, V Thijs, A Warwick
  • Bendigo Health Hospital (52): RDB Smith, S Ermel, A Ingram, M Savage, L Trewhella
  • Box Hill Hospital (289): A Maclean, D Berry, E Burch, S Coote, S Debnath, H Dewey, T Frost, AW Gunaratne, J Hunt, K McBrearty
  • Latrobe Hospital (45): T Chan, C Beltrame, B Grant, K Hudson, N Morris, K Warwick, S Wells, A Wright
  • Royal Melbourne Hospital (169): L Weir, K Alidin, M Barker, H Goodman, P Hand, L Pesavento
  • Warrnambool Hospital (57): T Baker, C Charnley, P Groot, J Lowe
  • St Vincent's, Melbourne Hospital (26): A Walby, M Carrasco, K Daws, J Karro, N Lui, R McGrath-Lester, H Woodrow
  • Geelong Hospital (73): H Smith, C Aird, B Clissold, A Douglas, B Jongebloed, C Walker
  • Wangaratta Hospital (50): I Wilson, LE Bolitho AM, K Long, L Malone


M Bucci, C Hugo, J Jackson, K Lilly, E Senger, M Sykes

NRI group

Allen, T Doyle, N Hunt, J Israel, A Jammali-Blasi, CM Martinez-Garduno, B McElduff, M McNamara, R Phillips, J Pitkin, ES Salama, V Schadewaldt, T Sheridan,  P Zenonos


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