Dr Waleed Abdel-Qader

Email: Waleed.abdel-qader@acu.edu.au

Auditing – International Auditing Standards

Dr Hormoz Ahmadi

Email: Hormoz.ahmadi@acu.edu.au

New venture growth strategies; first product and brand innovation in start-ups; business to business marketing; consumer – firm relationship; personal selling; entrepreneurial marketing

Dr Md Akhtaruzzaman

Email: md.akhtaruzzaman@acu.edu.au

Financial contagion; Basel II and Basel III; asset pricing; cryptocurrencies; interest rate risk; financial inclusion

Dr Kamanashis Biswas

Email: Kamanashis.bishwas@@acu.edu.au

Blockchain technology; cybersecurity; lightweight cryptographic schemes; energy-efficient secure routing; software defined networking; wireless sensor networks

Dr Philip Cheng

Email: Philip.cheng@acu.edu.au

Behavioural finance: risk and decision-making

Dr Trajce Cvetkovski

Email: Trajce.cvetkovski@acu.edu.au

Work health and safety regulation and compliance; workers’ compensation; law, policy and governance; legal practice (industrial relations; OHSE; contract law and copyright

Associate Professor Bart de Jong

Email: Bart.dejong@acu.edu.au

Trust; teams; leadership; meta-analysis

Dr Syed Muhammad Fazal-e-Hasan

Email: Syed.fazal-e-hasan@acu.edu.au

Relationship marketing; marketing strategy; positive emotions; wellbeing; entrepreneurial marketing

Dr Kewen Liao

Email: Kewen.liao@acu.edu.au

Data science and big data; machine learning applications; human-centred AI; data structures and algorithms with applications in optimisation

Dr Felix Orole

Email: Felix.orole@acu.edu.au

Small/family business (succession planning, mentoring, and decision-making);

entrepreneurship (individual and firm-level entrepreneurialism);

internationalisation of the firms (alternative systems of inter-firm exchange); change management

Dr Maoying Qiao

Email: Mayoying.qiao@acu.edu.au

Regression; classification; clustering; diversified Bayesian learning; object detection

Dr Mehdi Rajaeian

Email: Mehdi.rajaeian@acu.edu.au

Digital transformation; business intelligence; data analytics; data visualisation; technology adoption; agile IT project management; database design and implementation

Associate Professor Haifeng Shen

Email: Haifeng.shen@acu.edu.au

Software engineering; human computer interaction; human-centred artificial intelligence; human-AI interaction

Dr Bülend Terzioglu 

Email: Bulend.terzioglu@acu.edu.au

Intangible assets/intellectual property; derivatives; corporate finance; costing

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