The Peter Faber Business School research program offers a distinctive and innovative approach to contemporary business research. Learn about our focus areas, find out how to become a research candidate, and meet our researchers.

Go beyond the bottom line

Research in the Peter Faber Business School focuses on the social and interpersonal aspects of contemporary organisations, innovation in the marketplace and how policy frameworks and knowledge impact on money management at the macro and individual levels. 

Our research provides powerful arguments towards a paradigm shift in rethinking the purpose of business and management for the common good. We shift attention from financial-technical aspects of “business as usual”. We critically apply business-school concepts, emphasising the ethical, social and psychological aspects of organisations in public service, not-for-profit and business sectors for the good of wider society.

Our research themes

Key streams of research within the Peter Faber Business School focus on sustainable human resources management, marketing and entrepreneurship, accounting and finance. 

Managing people and organisations

Researchers: Professor Michael Fischer, Associate Professor Bart de Jong, Dr Sugumar Mariapannadar

People are an organisation’s greatest asset.

Working with people to help them reach their potential in the workplace and ensuring organisations provide positive work environments, are essential to business and organisational success.

Within this theme, researchers explore the mobilising potential of communities to undertake transformational work in organisations and civil society, including developing work participation, resilience and growth, and worker dignity, health and well being. This research is particularly focussed on healthcare organisations, the education sector, and human services.

Developing work participation resilience and growth addresses the rapidly changing ‘ecosystem’ of work, as advances in information and wider technologies, market and economic uncertainties, and wider societal changes mediate and reconfigure relations between workers, organisations and society.

This research addresses the transformative potential of work for, by, and with some of society’s most marginalised and vulnerable people, who are often at the periphery of an organisations’ concerns. By illuminating aspects of organisational functioning rarely revealed to outsiders, we develop critical insights that offer a distinctive contribution to ACU’s mission of ‘Impact through Empathy’ amongst our students, with partner organisations, and wider stakeholders.


Managing money

Researchers: Dr Md Akhtaruzzaman, Dr Bulend Terzioglu, Associate Professor Wendy James

Research in the finance domain explores a number of areas including how the Basel II and III bank capital requirements influence macroeconomic activities, how financial contagion is transmitted from one country to another via trade and financial linkages, and the determinants of socially responsible investments (SRI) in Australian superannuation funds.

One area of focus is education and understanding why many Australians are financially illiterate and why many investors find it difficult to master financial instruments. Lack of financial literacy has follow-on effects to health and wellbeing which ultimately affects the Australian economy.

Another area of research explores behavioural bias of financial planners and the effect this can have on the investment portfolios of their clients, including the construction of sub-optimal portfolios.

Additional accounting focussed projects investigate problems central to the financial market and the investing public, such as the financial reporting of assets such as derivatives and intangibles and what role changes in legislation and accounting standards have on these.



Managing markets

Researchers: Dr Hormoz Ahmadi and Professor Susan Dann

This theme explores the intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship and, marketing. Within this, distinct research streams explore key issues in entrepreneurship and in marketing.  

Entrepreneurship research looks into topics such as the internal (organisational) and external (environmental) factors that hinder or facilitate the commercialisation of new technology ventures (NTVs) given the short life cycle of technology-based products and intensive competition in the market.

Our research also explores the rise of female entrepreneurs in family owned businesses. Our focus is on the challenges that women uniquely face in start up businesses.

In addition, marketing-focused research examines the use of ethical and values based concepts – such as Catholic Social Thought – in social and behavioural change marketing and how these concepts can enhance brand creation in online settings.


Our publications

Our staff pursue values-based research that stands to positively impact society, Australia and the world. They publish regularly in top-tier journals including:

  • Academy of Management Review
  • Administrative Science Quarterly
  • Accounting Organizations and Society 
  • Australian Journal of Corporate Law
  • Australian Journal of Public Administration
  • Company and Securities Law Journal
  • Gender Work and Organization
  • Human Relations
  • Human Resource Management (US)
  • Industrial Marketing Management
  • Journal of Brand Management
  • Journal of Business Ethics
  • Journal of Macromarketing
  • Journal of Management
  • Journal of Strategic Marketing 
  • Journal of Vocational Behaviour 
  • Journal of Applied Psychology 
  • Organization Science 
  • Organization Studies

Meet our research team

Our Peter Faber School of Business is home to internationally-recognised researchers who specialise in fields such as leadership, management, organisational behaviour, organisational psychology and human resources.
Learn about their research, publication history, and professional and academic backgrounds – or get in touch by accessing available staff directory information.

Meet our researchers

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