How to enrol using the current course map

If you enrolled in 2018 or prior the current course map is different to when you first enrolled. Below is a short guide and a few explanations of terminology used in the Course Progression Tool in Student Connect to help you enrol into units for 2021.

Remember, enrolling into semester 1 and semester 2 is requested to avoid the closure of units due to low enrolment.

Why are units listed not counted?

These could be units that exceed the maximum allowable credit transfer or, are units undertaken in a course previously to the current academic year. Often these are units that have not been replaced by another unit according to the Course Rules.

Prior enrolment course mapping:

You can map your course progression by marking off (using an X as an example, in each square on the map) a unit you have successfully completed against the units listed on the current course map. You should be able to see what units you have remaining that need to be completed if you follow these simple steps;

Mark off all units you have completed that match the current map as being complete.

If you have completed a unit that is now listed as "incompatible" (refer to Useful Information to understand what an incompatible unit is), you should mark off the unit you have completed in that space. If you have completed a unit listed as incompatible on this map do not enrol into the unit that is listed above it. Only if you are a student who failed the incompatible unit, should the new unit listed above be undertaken in its place. The incompatible unit is no longer offered.

If you have a unit that does not fit anywhere on the current course map, this becomes a Fall Through Unit.

What is a fall through unit and how does it affect my course?

A Fall Through Unit is a unit that you have completed that sits outside the current course rules and unit structure according to the “current” Handbook.

  • If you have a fall through unit, refer to the revised units list to see if the unit has been renamed, replaced or discontinued. Mark the unit off the course map as per the listed change.
  • After completing mapping out your course progression, if you still have completed unit/s that are not listed on this current map but have spare “Elective” spaces, you should assign one unit per elective space until you have no units left to allocate to the current map. If you have any concerns about how a unit fits within your course, please submit a request for course progression via the Student Portal request form linked to your CEG.
  • The remaining unmarked units are the units needed to complete your degree and this may include elective spaces.

Please note:

If you commenced your degree in 2018 or prior and believe you are eligible for course completion and have successfully used the above steps to map your course progress, you should always check your course mapping with your campus course advisor.

All units successfully completed are considered when assessing course completion requests even if the unit is listed as a unit that is Not Counted.

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