Course Map Sequence

Students who do not follow the sequence recommended in a Course Map cannot be guaranteed a clash free timetable or completion within the normal course duration period.

Study Modes

Attendance: Indicated by the letter ‘C’ on timetables and in enrolment selection. Unit is delivered face-to-face on campus and can also include a video conference incorporating students from another campus or location.
Multi-mode: Indicated by the letter ‘M’ on timetables and in enrolment selection. Unit delivered via a combination of online content and a compulsory attendance component (including examinations, practicums, residentials etc).
Online: Indicated by the letter ‘O’ on timetables and in enrolment selection. Unit delivered fully online (including assessments).

Prerequisite Unit

A unit that must be successfully completed before a student can enrol into a stipulated unit. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that prerequisites are met prior to enrolling in a unit that has a prerequisite listed.

Incompatible Unit

An incompatible unit is a unit that has been developed or incorporated into a new unit and given a new unit code. For example due to a recent course review, the Information Technology Units and some Entrepreneurial and Event Managements Unit codes have changed in 2020.If a new unit has an incompatible unit attached to it, it will be shown in the current Handbook entry and also on the 2020 Available Undergraduate Units page. Returning students should check for incompatible units to ensure they are not repeating a unit they have already done. A student should not enrol in a unit if they have completed the incompatible version of the unit. Students will not receive credit for both units.

Equivalent Unit

This unit is the same as another one and only one should be completed.

Community Engagement

In 2020, students commencing their undergraduate courses will be required to study the unit BIPX202 Community Engagement: Building Strengths and Capabilities. This unit will also be studied by students who commenced from Semester 2 2016.

University Terminology

Please refer to Uni Terminology explained for help understanding other university specific words and their meanings.


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