To unlock the best in you, we need the best from you. And that’s why you’ll need to meet the entry requirements to study an undergraduate course with us.

View our entry requirements, explore entry scores and find out about selection ranks and prerequisites.

What we mean by entry requirements

Entry requirements are the qualifications, skills or experiences you need to gain entry into your chosen course.

Depending on the course, these can include a minimum entry score, subject prerequisites, course-specific requirements and a demonstration of your English language proficiency.

You can find more detailed explanations of each requirement below.

Entry scores and ranks

An entry score is a number value between 1 and 99 that is used to assign your selection rank. This selection rank then determines if we will make you an offer to your chosen course. It is sometimes also known as an eligibility score.

A selection rank will be assigned if you have one of the following qualifications or experiences:

  • recent secondary education in Australia (ATAR / OP / Rank score) 
  • recent secondary education in New Zealand (NCEA)
  • recent secondary education overseas (International Baccalaureate)
  • previous higher education study
  • vocational education or training
  • special admissions test scores (subject to age restrictions)
  • paid work experience.

If you have more than one of the above qualifications or experiences, we will generally consider your highest one first.

Once your selection rank is assigned, it will compete against other people’s ranks on the basis of merit.

Minimum ranks

Below are the minimum ranks you need for admission consideration to one of our undergraduate courses.

You should note that these are indicative only. Many of our courses have higher minimum ranks depending on course type, demand and campus location.

Course type Minimum ATAR*
Bachelor degree 58.50
Associate degree 50             
Advanced certificate 50             
Certificate 50             

*Or equivalent Queensland OP / selection rank

Other entry options

If you completed Year 12 many years ago, your result will still be valid and used to calculate your selection rank. Year 12 results are valid indefinitely.

If you didn’t complete Year 12 and it’s been many years since school, you might be eligible for entry based on your work and/or life experience.

Visit our work and life experience page for more information

If you completed a different recognised qualification at school, such as VET studies, you’ll be assigned a selection rank based on these studies.

These qualifications might include:

  • competency-based and graded AQF Certificate III
  • competency-based and graded AQF Certificate IV (completed)
  • diploma
  • tertiary study
  • creative arts qualifications in music, dance or speech.

If you have more than one selection rank calculated, such as ranks based on both Year 12 and VET study, you’ll generally be considered on your highest selection rank. 

Some course exceptions may apply, such as courses with additional entry requirements.


If you’re studying or have completed the International Baccalaureate (IB), you will be assigned a selection rank based on your completed IB diploma. 

This rank will be on the same scale as the ATAR and will be used – along with any other qualifications you complete while at school – to determine if you will be made an offer. 

Some exceptions apply, such as courses with additional entry requirements.

Adjustment factors

Adjustment factors add additional points to your selection rank depending on your personal background, performance in certain subjects, or what school you went to.

If your entry score isn’t high enough for admission into your chosen course, adjustment factors can in some cases automatically provide the extra boost your application needs.

Learn more about adjustment factors

Subject prerequisites

Some courses will need you to have previous knowledge in one or more subjects. These are known as either subject prerequisites, assumed knowledge or recommended studies.

Subject prerequisites are usually the subjects you should have completed in your final years of secondary school (Year 12 or equivalent) to a certain achievement level.

You can find your the subject prerequisites for your chosen course by visiting the relevant course page. 

Choose a course and view its subject prerequisites

Course-specific requirements

Some courses require additional information or material from you alongside your application. These are known as course-specific requirements.

Examples can include:

  • attending an audition
  • attending an interview
  • submitting a portfolio
  • providing a written statement.

You can find out if your course has specific requirements by visiting the relevant course page.

Find your course and check its requirements

English language proficiency

You may need to demonstrate your English language proficiency if:

English is not your first language
you have not undertaken Year 12 study or higher in English and in an approved English-speaking country.

You can prove your English proficiency by providing us with evidence of your previous studies or qualifications, or by achieving a certain score in a relevant English language test. 

View our English proficiency requirements

If you don’t meet the entry requirements

It’s OK if your selection rank isn’t high enough to gain entry to your chosen course. There are many ways for you to study with us. 

First, check if you are eligible for any adjustment factors. 

Visit our adjustment factors page

You should also view our list of admission pathways and entry schemes, which detail the different ways you can enter ACU based on your background, student type and experience. 

Choose which pathways or entry schemes may apply to you

Next steps

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to check the specific entry requirements for the courses you are most interested in.

You can view the full list of entry requirements on the relevant course page, as well as instructions on how to apply. 

Go to our course finder

Return to the undergraduate students application page

Ready to complete your application? Return to the future undergraduate students page to follow the next steps of your application journey.

Back to your undergraduate application

Confused? Talk to us

You can reach out to us at AskACU or student support if you have any questions about our undergraduate entry requirements.

Email AskACU

Search our FAQ knowledge database

Call us on 1300 275 228.

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