Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

Would you like some extra help with difficult subjects? You can join group study sessions led by ACU students who have already successfully completed the unit.

What is PASS?

PASS is a free, voluntary, academic support program that provides weekly small-group peer-led study sessions to all first year students enrolled in specific units that are known to be difficult.

How does PASS work?

Sessions are run by PASS Leaders, senior ACU students who have already completed the subject and achieved a distinction grade or higher. PASS provides you with an opportunity to learn from and with your peers in a relaxed, supportive, interactive and fun environment.

During the sessions you will:

  • discuss lecture content to consolidate and deepen your understanding
  • develop effective strategies for learning and studying
  • engage in activities that encourage active learning
  • have access to additional study materials specific to your course
  • develop your confidence, make new friends and feel part of a learning community.

When is PASS run?

PASS commences in Week 2 and runs weekly throughout the semesters. Enrolments open on Tutorial Direct after the first lecture for the subject.  You will get the most benefit by attending PASS every week.