At ACU we understand that university studies can be challenging. You’re asked to manage your enrolment, orientation, lectures, tutorials, assignments, exams and navigate your campus, as well as make new friends. We also know that for students on the autism spectrum these challenges can become barriers to accessing higher education.

That’s why we’ve collaborated with autistic students and staff from ACU and other universities to develop Autism at Uni, a collection of initiatives designed to support our autistic students in their studies and help ease their transition into the higher education environment.

We recognise that every person with autism is an individual, with different strengths and challenges. We encourage students to use different aspects of support, depending on their individual interests and needs.

(Uni)Life-Hacker mentor program

A (Uni)Life-Hacker mentor is a student mentor who has been studying at ACU for a while and can assist you with understanding assignments, interacting with teaching staff, finding your way around campus, or whatever you need to get the most out of your university experience.

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Social activities

We host regular social activities so you can meet other students with similar interests.

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Helpful resources

We provide access to a number of resources on succeeding at university as a student on the spectrum. They include websites, apps, campus maps, study skills resources and books.

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Low-sensory room

Our Melbourne campus has a dedicated low-sensory room that autistic students can access during the day. This quiet space has resources to help manage the challenges faced during university attendance including stim toys, weighted blankets and lego.

Autism Inclusion Equity Scholarship - Blacktown

At ACU we are committed to providing inclusion equity to our students and have established the Autism Inclusion Equity Scholarship. This $4,000 scholarship will benefit autistic students commencing studies at our Blacktown Campus.

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Coming soon

Autism at Uni is an evolving space with lots of exciting initiatives coming in the future, such as sensory maps of our campuses. We look forward to continuing to work with our autistic students and staff to strengthen and expand our support services.

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We respect each individual’s choice as to how they would prefer to describe themselves and/or be referred to by others.

While many may be more familiar with person-first language (i.e., person with autism) there is clear preference in the autistic community for the use of identity-first language (i.e., autistic person). Identity first language “reflects the belief that being autistic is a core part of a person’s identity. Similar examples of ‘identity first’ language can be found in the Blind and Deaf communities” (Autism Awareness Australia). Thus, this is the terminology used on these ACU webpages.

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