We are making digital academic documents available to ACU students through the My eQuals portal, a secure and trusted provider of certified digital documents. We will be joining other universities across Australia and New Zealand who are adopting this technology.

Digital academic documents

Benefits to students

  • You can access your certified documents 24/7, from anywhere there is internet
  • You can easily provide potential employers or other educational institutions with a secure link to your digital documents
  • Security features mean that employers can trust that your linked digital documents are genuine and authentic
  • You control who can access your documents and for how long
  • Sharing certified digital documents is faster, easier and more convenient than sharing hard copy documents

Understand the benefits of My eQuals

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How secure are my documents?

My eQuals digital documents are authentic, tamper evident (designed to reveal any attempt at interference) and legally valid. The systems used have been independently tested by security experts and documents contain digital signatures that meet the legal standards required for authentic electronic documents.

Please note: these security features apply to linked online digital documents, not to any hard copies printed from the system.

Read about My eQuals’ security features

What digital documents will be available?

You’ll be able to access your: 

  • transcripts
  • AHEGs, and
  • testamurs.

All students will continue to be issued with hard copy testamurs at graduation, free of charge. Hard copies of transcripts and AHEGs will continue to be available on request (fees apply).

Which students will be able to access My eQuals?

My eQuals will be available to ACU students who have graduated in 2018 and later.

How it works?

  • When your first document is issued, you will receive an email at your ACU email address that will contain a link to the My eQuals registration page. Follow the link and complete your registration to access your documents.
  • Select ‘profile settings’ from the dropdown menu in the top right (where your name appears) and link your account to either a social media account or to a personal email address. This will allow you to continue accessing your documents once your ACU email address is disabled upon graduation.
  • Select the ‘Take a Tour’ button on the left hand menu to learn more about viewing and sharing digital documents.


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