The Medieval and Early Modern Studies Program at IRCI hosts a monthly seminar, ordinarily on the third Thursday of each month.

Seminars showcase outstanding work from around Australia and the world on a wide range of topics, such as conspiracy theory, political choice-making, imagination in art, disaster, plague, time, and moral invective, from early medieval Ireland through Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment to the present.

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Upcoming seminars

Recognising Religion(s): The Cultural Dynamics of Religious Encounters and Interactions in Historical Perspective

30 November 2020

Time: Melbourne 19:00 | Perth 16:00 | Abu Dhabi 12:00 | Berlin 9:00 | New York 3:00
Title: "Forms of Religious Recognition in Early Modern Iberia and the Ottoman Empire" with Tijana Krstić (CEU) & Mercedes García-Arenal (CSIC, Madrid), moderated by Jan Loop (University of Copenhagen)

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Jenny Spinks 
15 October 2020

IRCI MEMS Seminar Series | Jenny Spinks | 'Blood rain, crucifixions and instruments of the Passion: Christ, visuality and religious identity in sixteenth-century prodigy books'

Constant Mews (Monash University)

17 September 2020

IRCI MEMS Seminar Series | Constant Mews | 'Re-Reading the abuses of the age: from seventh-century Ireland to Twelfth-century France'

Nicholas Eckstein
21 August 2020

IRCI MEMS Seminar Series | Nicholas Eckstein | Plague Time: Space, Fear and Emergency Statecraft in Early-Modern Italy

Sophia Rosenfeld
21 May 2020

Walter H. Annenberg Professor of History, University of Pennsylvania
Making Choices in the Early Modern World

Reindert Falkenburg
18 June 2020

Professor of Early Modern Art and Culture, New York University/Abu Dhabi
Pieter Bruegel: Grounds for Speculation



Past events

Margaret Cameron (The University of Melbourne)
19 November 2020 

Title: 'Medieval Philosophy of Mind: the first treatise'
Time:2:00pm Melbourne (Australian Daylight Saving Time), 11:00am Perth, 8pm Wednesday 18th November Los Angeles, USA

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Recognising Religion(s): The Cultural Dynamics of Religious Encounters and Interactions in Historical Perspective
5 October 2020 (Amended)

Time: Melbourne 3:30am (Tue 6th Oct) | Perth 12:30am (Tues 6th Oct) | Abu Dhabi 20:30 (Mon 5th Oct) | Berlin 18:30 (Mon 5th Oct) | London 17:30 (Mon 5th Oct) | San Francisco 9:30am (Mon 5th Oct)

Title: "Situating World Religions in Modern Islam" with Zvi Ben-Dor Benite (NYU) and Esmat Elhalaby (UC Davis), moderated by Taneli Kukkonen (NYU/AD)

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