The Biblical and Early Christian Studies program hosts a fortnightly research seminar series which showcases outstanding work in the field and nurtures scholarly conversation with participants from Australia and around the world.

Speakers pre-circulate papers on a wide range of topics ranging from the social scientific study of the New Testament to Late Antique philosophy, which is then discussed during the hour-long online meeting.

Upcoming seminars

Dr Dawn LaValle Norman
Book Launch
Session 1#  1 December 2020 | Session 2# 8/9 December 2020

Title: The Aesthetics of Hope in Late Greek Imperial Literature: Methodius of Olympus' Symposium and the Crisis of the Third Century

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The BECS seminar will reconvene in semester 1 2021. We will continue to meet fortnightly, beginning with:

Professor Mark Vessey

(Professor, Dept. of English Language and Literatures, University of British Columbia; Principal, Green College), Latin Literature and the Church in the Post-Constantinian Empire, to ca.397.

Thur 11 February 9am-10am (Melbourne) Wed 10 Feb 10pm-11pm (London)/ Wed 10 Feb 5pm-6pm (New York) 2021  


Past seminars

Francis Watson (Durham University / Australian Catholic University)
30 April 2020

‘The Eusebian New Testament and its Readers’

David Brakke (The Ohio State University)
14 May 2020

‘The Gospel of Judas: Fragments of an Anchor Yale Bible Volume’

Teresa Morgan (University of Oxford)
28 May 2020

‘Saved through Christ and in Christ's hands: a new interpretation of en Christō in Paul’

Robin Darling Young (Catholic University of America)
11 June 2020

‘Constitution for a New Politeia: Evagrius’ Letters and Instructions’

Gareth Wearne (Australian Catholic University)
25 June 2020

‘The Sectarian Hypothesis of Qumran Origins at (Nearly) 75 Years: A Review and New Reconstruction’

John Barclay (Durham University)
9 July 2020

The Lord’s Supper or the Lion's Share: The Negotiation of Transactional Orders in 1 Cor 11.17-34’


Andrew Radde-Gallwitz (University of Notre Dame, USA)
23 July 2020

Title: ‘Gregory of Nyssa on Matter’

9:00am-10:00am, 23 July (Melbourne)
12:00-1:00am, 23 July (London)
7:00-8:00pm, 22 July (New York)


Candida Moss (University of Birmingham)
6 August 2020

Title: ‘Fashioning Mark: Early Christian Discussions about the Scribe and Status of the Second Gospel'


David Lincicum (University of Notre Dame, USA)
20 August 2020

‘The Wisdom of Solomon: A Christian Text?’


Margaret M. Mitchell (University of Chicago)
3 September 2020

Title: ‘Mark, the Long-form Pauline Εὐαγγέλιον’


Samuel Fernandez (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile)
17 September 2020

Title: ‘Who Accused Whom? The Outbreak of the Arian Crisis in the Light of the Contemporary Documents’


Mark G. Brett (Whitley College, University of Divinity)
1 October 2020

Title: ‘What is Political Theology? Biblical Deliberations’


Musa Dube (University of Botswana)

15 October 2020

Title: ‘Boundaries and Bridges: Journeys of a Postcolonial Feminist in Biblical Studies’

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Emotions and Clinical Communication in Antiquity

28 October 2020
Symposium Discussion
8:00—9:00am Melbourne (ADST) 


29 October 2020
Special session in conjunction with the Biblical and Early Christian Studies Seminar
9:00—10:00am Melbourne (ADST) 


30 October 2020
Symposium Discussion
8:00—9:00am Melbourne (ADST)

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Niki Kasumi Clements (Rice University)
29 October 2020

Title: 'Cassian's Therapy of Desire'

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Dawn LaValle Norman (Australian Catholic University)
12 November 2020

Title: The Role of Women in Late Imperial Dialogues: The Body, Desire, and the Intellectual Life'



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