From a child’s earliest learning experiences through a lifetime of learning, the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education works to improve education outcomes for all young people. 

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STEM in education

Our research into Science, technology, engineering and mathematics in education looks at ways to prepare students for future technological innovation and to equip teaching staff to engage students in STEM.

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Effective assessment is an integral part of the learning journey. Through our Assessment, evaluation and student learning research we identify effective educational practice and work with policy-makers and educators to achieve social change.

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Learning and learners

The Learning, learning diversity and reforming classroom practices research concentration focuses on understanding the various external contexts that affect a student’s learning.

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Early childhood futures

Play-based learning is taking on an increasing role in 21st century early childhood care. We’re working to better understand play-based learning and ensure even more effective outcomes for young children.

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Teachers’ work

Responding to calls for improvements in teacher/teaching quality, the Teacher education, quality and professional practice research concentration is working to develop expertise in initial teacher education and in ongoing professional development.

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English and literacies

Educational semiotics in English and literacy pedagogy addresses all aspects of traditional and new forms of literacy education, including multimodal and digital literacy. as well as childhood and adolescent literacies outside of schooling.

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Cognitive foundations

The cognitive foundations of early educational skills research team are working to understand the development of cognitive abilities in children and the factors that contribute to learning difficulties in key areas of early education.

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Collaboration that enhances outcomes

Our students

Meet our Higher Degree Research students who are working on a range of education-focused projects across four campuses.

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Our partners are spread across the education sector and government to ensure our outcomes have the broadest possible reach.

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