Professor Vince Geiger

Mathematics Education

Vince Geiger is an Professor in the Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education, Faculty of Education and Arts and an internationally recognised researcher in mathematics education.

Vince joined ACU in 2005 after a successful 22 year career as a secondary school teacher of mathematics and science. Over that time he held national positions such as President of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers and Chair of the National Education Forum. It was in these roles that he first became aware that the 『big’ problems in mathematics education required thorough research.  He subsequently enrolled in a PhD at The University of Queensland, a qualification he completed in 2009.

Vince’s research focuses on the teaching and learning of mathematics and its applications, with a particular focus on the use of digital tools as enablers of mathematical understanding. To date, his research has attracted in excess of $1 million in external funding, including an ARC Discovery Grant (2012-2014) and, most recently, an ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (2015-2017) for research aimed at enhancing teachers’ numeracy practices and improving students’ numeracy capabilities. Vince works on these projects in the Mathematics Futures for All research work in ILSTE.

His work is driven by awareness that the capacity to know and use mathematics confidently is important for an individual’s career prospects and their empowerment as informed citizens.  This awareness has inspired over 80 research publications.

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L Building G-Level 3-GC.16

Research interests

  • Using technology to enhance the teaching of mathematics
  • The principles of task design in mathematics
  • The professional learning of mathematics teacher educators
  • Enhancing numeracy teaching practice, problem solving, mathematical modelling and approaches to collaborative learning

Competitive grants and projects

2015-2017 Australian Research Council, Discovery Early Career Researcher Award: Geiger, V., Designing and implementing cross-curricular numeracy tasks for the effective teaching and learning.

2012-2014 Australian Research Council, Discovery Scheme: Goos, M., Dole, S., Geiger, V., & Forgasz, H., Enhancing numeracy learning and teaching across the curriculum.


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