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Teacher Education

Professor Joce Nuttall is Director of the Teacher Education Research Concentration in the Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education, Faculty of Education and Arts, at ACU. Joce’s research describes, implements and theorises effective interventions in professional learning in schools and early childhood settings, particularly in childcare. Most recently this work has focused on capacity building among educational leaders in early childhood and junior school settings, using system-wide analyses and actions. Joce is President-Elect of the Australian Teacher Education Association and her current projects include an international study of teacher educators’ work. Joce has published over fifty books, book chapters and scholarly articles and is a regular presenter of keynote addresses at international conferences in the areas of teacher development, and early childhood curriculum and policy. Joce commenced at ACU in 2011 as a Principal Research Fellow.

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L 232 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne

Research interests

  • Initial and continuing teacher education
  • Teacher educators’ work
  • Leadership and inter-professional work in early childhood education
  • Cultural-historical activity theory and CHAT-based research methodologies

Competitive grants and projects

2017-2020 Australian Research Council, Discovery Grant (DP180100281): J. Nuttall, L. Henderson, & E. Wood, Learning-rich leadership for quality improvement in early education.

2015-2017 Australian Research Council, Discovery Grant: S. Edwards, J. Nuttall, E. Wood, & S. Grieshaber, New Play Pedagogies for Teaching and Learning in the Early Years.

2012-2014 New Zealand Teachers Council: NZCER, J. Nuttall, & A. Nolan, Evaluation of the Guidelines to Support Induction and Mentoring.

2011-2012 Australian Association for Research in Education: J. Nuttall, & A. Nolan, Special Interest Group Major Grant.

2005-2006 Monash University Faculty of Education Staff Grant: J. Mitchell, & J. Nuttall, Teacher Education Literature Review.

2005-2006 Monash University Faculty of Education Staff Grant: J. Nuttall, Preschool Teachers’ Professional Learning.

2005 Monash University Small Grants Scheme: J. Nuttall, Fieldwork Learning Spaces.

2005 Monash University, Unit Innovations Grant: J. Nuttall, Virtual Supervision of the Early Childhood Practicum.

Research consultancy projects

2011-2012 City of Knox: J. Nuttall, Pedagogical Leadership Development Project.

2010 New Zealand Council for Education Research: J. Nuttall, Review of NZ Teaching and Learning Research Initiative Early Years Projects.

2010 Frankston City Council: J. Nuttall, Leadership in Early Childhood Services: An Evaluation

2008 Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Victoria. S. Edwards, M. Fleer, & J. Nuttall, A Research Paper to Inform the Development of an Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

2005-2008 Gowrie Melbourne: J. Nuttall The Lady Gowrie Project.

2006-2007 Victorian Office of Training and Tertiary Education: J. Nuttall, & M. Hammer, Fieldwork Barriers and Opportunities in ECE Teacher Education.

Professor Joce Nuttall Curriculum Vitae

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