Professor Bob Lingard

Professorial Fellow

Bob Lingard

Areas of expertise: Sociology of Education, Policy Sociology in Education, Comparative Education, Social Justice in Education, School Reform, Pedagogies, Digital Disruption in Education

Phone: +617 3623 7858


Campus: ACU Brisbane Campus

OCRID ID: 0000-0002-4101-9985

Professor Bob Lingard is a Professorial Fellow with the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education and Director of the Data and Digital Practices at System and School Research Program in ACU’s Centre for Digital Data and Assessment in Education. He is also Emeritus Professor at The University of Queensland, a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in the UK. He has previously worked at the University of Edinburgh, where he held the Andrew Bell Chair of Education, and the University of Sheffield. He is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Glasgow and at the Education University of Hong Kong. Professor Lingard has an international research reputation and has published widely in the sociology of education and education policy. He has authored or edited 25 books and published more than 150 journal articles and book chapters. He has conducted commissioned research for the federal and state governments in Australia and also for UNESCO, as well as for teacher unions. Professor Lingard was also the co-director of a government-commissioned research project in Australia that developed the influential concept of ‘productive pedagogies’, which has had policy and practice impact around the globe. He has more than 25,500 Google Scholar citations and is on the editorial board of eight international journals, including British Journal of Sociology of Education and International Journal of Inclusive Education. He is also Editor of the Routledge book series, Key Ideas and Education.

Professor Lingard has been President of the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE), President of the Australian College of Educators (ACE), and President of The Sociological Association of Australia (TASA). He has won more than $4.5 million in competitive research grants across Australia, the UK, Canada and Europe. He was also the inaugural Chair of the Queensland Studies Authority (QSA), appointed by the Minister for Education, and was subsequently a member of the Governing Board of the QSA and Chair of its P-12 Curriculum Committee. Professor Lingard has also supervised more than 50 PhDs to completion and examined more than 65 PhD theses. 

Curriculum vitae

Select publications

  • Five best authored books
    • Lingard, B., Martino, W., Rezai-Rashti, G. and Sellar, S. (2016). Globalizing Educational Accountabilities. New York: Routledge.
    • Lingard, B. (2014). Politics, Policies and Pedagogies in Education. London: Routledge.
    • Rizvi, F. and Lingard, B. (2010). Globalizing Education Policy. London: Routledge.
    • Lingard, B., Martino, W. and Mills, M. (2009). Boys and Schooling: Beyond Structural Reform. London: Palgrave.
    • Lingard, B. and Douglas, P. (1999). Men Engaging Feminisms: Pro-feminism, Backlashes and Schooling. Buckingham, UK: Open University Press.
  • Five best edited books
    • Lingard, B. (Ed.) (2021). Globalisation and Education. London: Routledge.
    • Mundy, K., Green, A, Lingard, B. and Verger, A. (Eds.). (2016). The Handbook of Global Education Policy. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.
    • Lingard, B., Thompson, G. and Sellar, S. (Eds.). (2016). National Testing in Schools: An Australian Assessment. New York: Routledge.
    • Lingard, B., Martino, W. and Rezai-Rashti, G. (Eds.). (2016). Testing Regimes, Accountabilities and Educational Policy. London: Routledge.
    • Lingard, B., Nixon, J. and Ransom, S. (Eds.). (2008). Transforming Learning in Schools and Communities. London: Continuum.
  • Ten best journal articles
    • Takayama, K. and Lingard, B. (2019). Datafication of Schooling in Japan: An Epistemic Critique through the Problem of Japanese Education. Journal of Education Policy. 34, 4: 449-469.
    • Lingard, B. (2021). Multiple Temporalities in Critical Policy Sociology in Education. Critical Studies in Education.
    • Sellar, S. and Lingard, B. (2018). International Large-Scale Assessments, Affective Worlds and Policy Impacts in Education. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education.31, 5: 367-381.
    • Lingard, B., Sellar, S. and Baroutsis, A. (2015). Researching the habitus of Global Policy Actors in Education. Cambridge Journal of Education. 45, 1:25-42.
    • Lingard, B., Sellar, S. and Savage, G. (2014). Test-Based Accountabilities and Data Infrastructures: Rearticulation of Social Justice as Equity in in Education Policy. British Journal of Sociology of Education. 35: 710-730.
    • Lingard, B. and Sellar, S. (2013). ‘Catalyst Data’: Perverse Systemic Effects of Audit and Accountability in Australian Schooling. Journal of Education Policy.28, 5: 634-656.
    • Sellar, S. and Lingard, B. (2013). The OECD and the Expansion of PISA: New Global Modes of Governance in Education. British Educational Research Journal.40, 6: 917-936.
    • Lingard, B. (2013). The Impact of Research on Education Policy in an Era of Evidence-Based Policy. Critical Studies in Education.54,2:113-131.
    • Lingard, B. (2011). Policy as Numbers: Ac/counting for Educational Research. Australian Educational Researcher. 38, 4:355-382.
    • Lingard, B. (2010). Policy Borrowing, Policy Learning: Testing Times in Australian Schooling. Critical Studies in Education. 51, 2:129-147.
  • Five best chapters
    • Lingard, B. (2019). The Global Education Industry, Data Infrastructures and the Restructuring of Government School Systems. In Parreira, do Amaral, M., Steiner-Khamsi, G. and Thompson, C. (Eds.). Researching the Global Education Industry. London: Palgrave.
    • Lingard, B. and Hursh, D. (2019). Grassroots Democracy in New York State: Opting-Out and Resisting the Corporate Reform Agenda in Schooling. In Apple, M.W. and Riddle, S. (Eds.). Re-Imagining Education for Democracy. New York: Routledge.
    • Lingard, B. and Sellar, S. (2016). The Changing Organizational Significance of the OECD’s Education Work. In Mundy, K., Green, A., Lingard, B. and Verger, A. (Eds.). The Handbook of Global Education Policy. Oxford: Wiley Blackwell.
    • Sellar, S. and Lingard, B. (2015). New Literacisation, Curricular Isomorphism and the OECD’s PISA. In Hamilton, M., Maddox, B. and Addey, C. (Eds.). Literacy as Numbers: Researching the Politics and Practices of International Literacy Assessment. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
    • Lingard, B. (2010). Towards a Sociology of Pedagogies. In Apple, M.W. and Ball, S.J. (Eds.). The Routledge International Handbook of Sociology of Education. London: Routledge.


  • Professor Lingard has won approximately AU$4.5 million in research grants. These include money won from Research Councils in Australia, Europe, the UK and Canada. He has also conducted commissioned research for governments, including the $1.2 million Queensland government funded research on productive pedagogies.

Accolades and awards

  • Honorary Life Membership, Queensland Teachers’ Union – awarded 2019
  • Fellow of the Australian College of Educators – appointed 2015
  • Gold Medal, Australian College of Educators – awarded 2019
  • Honorary Life Membership, Australian Association for Research in Education – awarded 2015
  • Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, Australia – elected 2011
  • Fellow of the Australian Council of Educational Leadership – appointed 2010
  • Fellow of the UK Academy of Social Sciences – elected 2008
  • Honorary Life Membership, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane 1986

Appointments and affiliations

  • Professorial Fellow 2018 - Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education, Australian Catholic University
  • Emeritus Professor 2018 - The University of Queensland
  • Professorial Research Fellow 2008 - 2017 School of Education, The University of Queensland
  • • Andrew Bell Professor of Education, 2005-2008 The University of Edinburgh.

Editorial roles

  • Joint Editor, Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education.
  • Editor, Book Series, Routledge, New York: Key Ideas and Education.
  • Member Editorial Boards: British Journal of Sociology of Education, International Journal of Inclusive Education, Policy Futures in Education, Critical Studies in Education, Asia-Pacific Journal of Education.
  • National President: Australian Association for Research in Education; Australian College of Educators; The Australian Sociological Association.

Public Engagement

  • In 2010, he delivered the prestigious Radford Memorial Lecture; in 2013, he delivered the Jack Keating Memorial Lecture and the Hedley Beare Oration; and in 2018, he delivered the Underwood Lecture at the University of Tasmania.
  • In July 2021 he will deliver the Harold Wyndham Memorial Lecture. He has delivered Keynote Addresses at the British Educational Research Association, the European Educational Research Association, the South African Educational Research Association, the New Zealand Educational Research Association and at the Nordic Educational Research Association.

Art publications

  • (2021) Lingard, B. Gordon Bennett: A kind of history painting. In A.Goddard and T.Walsh (Eds.). Gordon Bennett: Selected writings: Sydney: Power Publications.

  • (2017) Peter Cripps, Public Project (Model), Catalogue Essay. In Cramer, S. and Harding, L. (Eds) Call of the Avant-Garde: Constructivism and Australian Art. Melbourne: Heide Museum of Modern Art.

  • (2014) Lingard, B. The art of Gordon Bennett: Art that challenges the ‘post’ in ‘post-colonial’. Arena Magazine. No 132, 44-46.

  • (2010) Lingard, B. From here on in. In R. Coates (Ed.), Peter Cripps: Towards and elegant solution. Melbourne: Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.

  • (2010) Lingard, B., & Cripps, P. Flattening Australian Art History. In R. Coates (Ed.), Peter Cripps: Towards and elegant solution. Melbourne: Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.

Art films

(2019). Lingard, B. Peter Bellas Art Dealer interview. James C Sourris AM Artist Interview Series. State Library of Queensland.

(2021, forthcoming) Lingard, B. Eugene Carchesio Interview. James C Sourris AM Artist Interview Series. State Library of Queensland.

(2014) Lingard, B. Madonna Staunton Interview. James C Sourris AM Artist Interview Series. State Library of Queensland.

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