Associate Professor Laura Scholes

 Gender and Literacy


Laura Scholes is an Associate Professor of Gender and Literacies at the Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education. Her research focuses on the influence of gender, social class and geographical location on primary school students' literacy experiences and literate outcomes. Laura has produced over 80 scholarly works including her sole-authored 2018 monograph by Routledge, Boys, masculinities and reading: Gender identity and literacy as social practice. She has published research in journals that include the British Journal of Sociology of Education, Gender and Education, and Teaching and Teacher Education.

Laura was awarded a prestigious 3-year Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA) in 2017 by the Australian Research Council to investigate how to challenge masculinities associated with boys' failure in reading (DE 170100990). As part of this program of work she is implementing mixed methods to identify the multiplicity of influences on boys' masculine reading identities and pedagogies to improve disadvantaged boys' reading outcomes. 

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L Level 4, 229 Elizabeth St, Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia

ORCID 0000-0002-8849-2825

Research interests

  • Boys and reading
  • Gender and literacies
  • Disadvantage and schooling
  • Social justice
  • Dialogic pedagogies
  • Teacher education
  • Mixed methods approaches

Competitive grants and projects

  • 2017-2020 Australian Research Council. Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA) DE170100990: CI Scholes, L. Investigating how to challenge masculinities associated with boys' failure in reading.
  • 2018-2019 Brisbane Catholic Education: CI Scholes, L., Lunn, J., Walker, S. Johansson, E. PI: Lawson, V. Helping children to reason about moral values for social inclusion: A longitudinal study.
  • 2018-2019 URIPA Funding, University of Adelaide: CI Stahl, G., Scholes, L., Comber, B & Lunn, J. The nexus of literacy and science epistemic beliefs: Understanding students' gendered science participation.
  • 2018 QUT Seed Funding: CI Walker, S., Lunn, J. & Scholes, L. Executive function and epistemic cognition in early childhood.
  • 2013-2015 Australian Research Council. Discovery Scheme DP130102136: Lunn, J., Walker, Johansson, E & Berthelsen, D with Scholes, L. Changing relationships between children's moral reasoning for inclusion and epistemic beliefs in early years primary classrooms.
  • 2014 QUT Faculty Project: CI Lunn, J., Davis, J., Farrell, A. & Scholes, L. Understanding teaching, learning and leadership in elementary teacher education in Papua New Guinea.
  • 2013 Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre. CI Johnson, D, Jones, C., & Scholes, L. Gaming in the lives of boys.
  • 2012-2013 Telstra Foundation: CI Jones, C., Scholes, L. et al. Orbit: The feeling safe sexual abuse prevention project.


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