Jonathon Weakley

Dr Jonathon Weakley

Sports Performance, Recovery, Injury and New Technologies (SPRINT) Research Centre

Areas of expertise: strength and conditioning; resistance training; ergogenic aids; power development; velocity-based training

HDR Supervisor accreditation status: Full

Phone: +617 3861 6346


Location: Brisbane Campus

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-7892-4885

Dr Jonathon Weakley is a lecturer at ACU and an associate research fellow at Leeds Beckett University (UK). Dr Weakley completed a PhD and post-doctorate position working alongside the Rugby Football Union. His primary area of research is in the topics of strength and power development, youth and team sports, and he has over 50 peer-reviewed publications on the topics of strength and conditioning and sports science. He currently supervises several PhD students and consults for professional sports teams and technology companies.

Select publications

  • Weakley, J., Mann, B., Banyard, H., McLaren, S., Scott, T., & Garcia-Ramos, A. (2021). Velocity-Based Training: From Theory to Application. Strength & Conditioning Journal, Publish Ahead of Print.
  • Weakley, J., Till, K., Sampson, J., Banyard, H., Leduc, C., Wilson, K., Roe, G., & Jones, B. (2019). The Effects of Augmented Feedback on Sprint, Jump, and Strength Adaptations in Rugby Union Players After a 4-Week Training Program. International Journal of Sports Physiology & Performance, 1205-1211.
  • Weakley, J., McLaren, S., Ramirez-Lopez, C., García-Ramos, A., Dalton-Barron, N., Banyard, H., Mann, B., Weaving, D., & Jones, B. (2019). Application of velocity loss thresholds during free-weight resistance training: Responses and reproducibility of perceptual, metabolic, and neuromuscular outcomes. Journal of Sports Sciences, 38(5), 477-485.
  • Weakley, J., Ramirez-Lopez, C., McLaren, S., Dalton-Barron, N., Weaving, D., Jones, B., Till, K., & Banyard, H. (2020). The Effects of 10%, 20%, and 30% Velocity Loss Thresholds on Kinetic, Kinematic, and Repetition Characteristics During the Barbell Back Squat. International Journal of Sports Physiology & Performance, 15(2), 180-188. neuromuscular outcomes. Journal of Sports Sciences, 38(5), 477-485.
  • Weakley, J. J. S., Till, K., Read, D. B., Roe, G. A. B., Darrall-Jones, J., Phibbs, P. J., & Jones, B. (2017). The effects of traditional, superset, and tri-set resistance training structures on perceived intensity and physiological responses. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 117(9), 1877-1889.


  • 2021 – 2022 – Innovations Connections Grant - $ 100 000
  • 2021 – 2023 – Australian Institute of Sport - $ 250 000
  • 2021-2023 – Queensland Academy of Sport – $83 000
  • The Australian Rugby Project (2019 – current)
  • Development and Validation of Ultrasonic and Optic Laser Technology to Measure Athlete Performance (2019 – current)
  • Carnegie Adolescent Rugby Research (2014 – current).

Accolades and awards

  • Young Investigator of the Year – Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (2018)
  • Inspiring Lecturer of the Year – Leeds Beckett University (2017).

Editorial roles

Journal Editor

  • International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health – Use of Mechanical Variables to Prescribe Training and Evaluate Physical Fitness (2020)

Textbook Editor

  • The Young Rugby Player: Science & Application – Routledge Taylor & Francis Group
  • Youth Rugby – Routledge Taylor & Francis Group

Appointments and affiliations

Applied experience/roles

  • Strength and Conditioning Coach – Rugby Football Union (2014 – 2019)
  • Sport Scientist – Queensland Reds / Australian Rugby Union (2019 – current)

Current and prior consultancy roles

Dr Weakley consults for numerous governing bodies and professional sports teams across a range of codes. He is actively involved in the development and validation of technology for several sport science companies.

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