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Brown Bag Sessions

Date   Brown Bag Session  Presenter 
9 February 2022
Understanding Time-Use in Children from Different Socioeconomic Backgrounds
Katrina Wilhite (IPPE PhD Student)
8 December 2021
What do teachers strive to achieve during class instruction?
Dr Hye-Ryen Jang (IPPE)
17 November 2021
Extending the Reciprocal Effects Model of Self-concept and Achievement: Long-term implications for End-of-High-School and Age-26 Outcomes
Professor Herb Marsh (IPPE)
3 November 2021
Measuring Meaning in Life - Daily Diaries and the Comprehensive Measure of Meaning
Mark Doyle (IPPE PhD Student)
20 October 2021
Clinical Application of Text Messaging for Anxiety and Depression
Courtney Baker (IPPE PhD Student)
22 September 2021
Optimal Breathing and Optimal Well-being: Developing and Validating a Measure of Optimal Breathing
Rory Darkins (IPPE PhD Student)
15 September 2021
Use of Machine Learning Methods for Coding Motivational Behaviour in Education
Asghar Ahmadi (IPPE PhD Student)
8 September 2021
Expectancy-Value Theory: Where We Are and Where We Are Going
Professor Allan Wigfield
25 August 2021
Aspiration Orientations Across Time: Do Childhood Aspirations Predict Mid-life Aspirations and Well-being?
Kelly Ferber (IPPE PhD Student) 
18 August 2021
An Online Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Musculoskeletal Pain Management and Prevention of Injury
Raymond Chen (IPPE PhD Student)
11 August 2021
Media Multitasking and the Impact on Children’s Everyday Functioning
Ella Tremaine (IPPE PhD Student)
4 August 2021
Capitalising on a Positive Psychology of Indigenous Thriving: Identifying Indigenous Youth’s Conceptions of WellBeing and Enabling Voice and Agency
Georgia Durmush (IPPE PhD Student)
28 July 2021 Square Eyes or All Lies? Investigating the Methodology Used in Screen Use Research on Children
Bridget Booker (IPPE PhD Student)
30 June 2021
Visible Learning: The Sequel
Professor John Hattie 
19 May 2021
Paper in a Week Dr Taren Sanders (IPPE)
5 May 2021
Understanding the effects of screen time on children’s socio-emotional well-being
Roberta Vasconcellos (IPPE PhD Student)
14 April 2021
Large Scale International Educational Assessment: Uses, Limitations and Counter-Intuitive Findings
Professor Kit-Tai Hau
17 February 2021
Can A Text Messaging Intervention Directly Enhance Parenting Practices And Indirectly Improve Children’s Academic Results?
Tsz Ying (Sylvia) Wong (IPPE PhD Student)
16 December 2020 
Understanding Time-Use in Children from Different Socioeconomic Backgrounds Katrina Wilhite (IPPE PhD Student) 
2 December 2020 
Identifying and Responding to the Psychosocial Support Needs of Young People When a Loved One is Missing
Elizabeth Davies (IPPE PhD Student)
25 November 2020 
Validating Students’ Evaluation of Educational Quality in Secondary School
Charlotte Knoester (IPPE PhD Student) 
11 November 2020 
The upsides and downsides of the dark side: A meta-analysis of the social costs and benefits of youth aggression for peer relationships, as reflected in peer nominations Professor Joseph Ciarrochi (IPPE) 
14 October 2020   ASReview: Using machine learning to perform title and abstract screening Dr James Conigrave
30 September 2020    Covid-19 and Other Catastrophes  Professor Bryan Turner 
16 September 2020  
Aspiration Orientations Across Time: Do childhood aspirations predict mid-life aspirations and well-being? Kelly Ferber (IPPE PhD Student) 
9 September 2020   Aggression and mental ill-health in adolescents’ friendship communities: A 4-year longitudinal study Emma Devine (IPPE PhD Student) 
12 August 2020  Clinical Application of Text Messaging for Anxiety and Depression  Courtney Baker (IPPE PhD Student) 
29 July 2020 Capitalising on a Positive Psychology of Indigenous Thriving: Identifying Indigenous Youth’s Conceptions of WellBeing and Enabling Voice and Agency Georgia Durmush (IPPE PhD Student) 
27 May 2020  Socioeconomic status, Academic self-concept and Indigneous status: Moderation effects on high school dropout Melissa Schellekens (IPPE PhD Student) 
8 April 2020  The Relationship between Physical Activity and Sleep in Children Devan Antczak (IPPE PhD Student) 
25 March 2020  Education Motivation Attribute Profile (EdMAP) for Hong Kong Teachers Rohan Perera (IPPE PhD Student)
26 February 2020  Peer Review and journal editorial roles: why you should/should not do it and how to make such roles work hard for your career Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis
12 February 2020  How Does Text Messaging Parents Assist Them With Parenting, Thereby Enhancing Their Children’s Academic Results Tsz Ying (Sylvia) Wong (IPPE PhD Student)
11 December 2019  Occupational Therapy Assessment and Aboriginal People: The Inclusion of Culture as an Integral Aspect of Comprehensive Assessment in the Clinical Area of Mental Health Catherine Hurley (IPPE PhD Student)
4 December 2019  Tempting teacher training: Factors associated with user engagement in online professional learning  Jane Lee (IPPE PhD Student)
20 November 2019  Understanding Time-Use in Children from Low Socioeconomic Backgrounds Katrina Wilhite (IPPE PhD Student)
13 November 2019  Meaning and Ethics in Work  Tarli Young (UoQ PhD Student) 
16 October 2019  Situated Expectancy Value Model of Achievement Related Choices and Engagement Professor Jacquelynn S. Eccles (IPPE & UCI)
25 September 2019 

Part 1: The Perceived Conditions for Living Well: Linking Primary Goods with Basic Psychological Needs and Wellness

Part 2: Indigenous Community Voice: Envisioning Success for Remote Communities (28:40)

Dr Emma Bradshaw (IPPE)

Dr Anthony Dillon (IPPE)

28 August 2019  Reconceptualizing the Engagement Construct Professor Johnmarshall Reeve
14 August 2019  Stepping into Compositional Data Analysis  Dr Borja del Pozo-Cruz (IPPE) 
7 August 2019  Capitalising on a Positive Psychology of Indigenous Thriving: Identifying Indigenous Students' Conceptions of Well-Being and Enabling Voice and Agency Georgia Durmush (IPPE PhD Student)
31 July 2019  Fostering Complete Mental Health in U.S. Schools Professor Shannon Suldo 
24 July 2019  The Role of Passion and Rigid and Flexible Persistence in Activity and Life Outcomes Professor Bob Vallerand
17 July 2019  An Overview Of Recent Self-concept Research Professor Herb Marsh (IPPE)
10 July 2019  Identifying and Responding to the Psychosocial Support needs of Young People when a Loved One is Missing

Elizabeth Davies (IPPE PhD Student)

3 July 2019  Meta-analytic methods: metaSEM, and reproducible research Dr James Conigrave (Former IPPE PhD Student)
19 June 2019 ARC Engagement and Impact (EI) Assessment Professor Sandra Jones (Pro Vice-Chancellor, Engagement)
12 June 2019 How can we  best use psychological science to improve the human condition? Professor Joseph Ciarrochi (IPPE)
15 May 2019 Social vulnerability and self-concept: Identifying moderators of the relation between academic self-concept and high school completion Melissa Schellekens (IPPE PhD Student)
8 May 2019 Striving to connect and striving to learn:  Do teachers’ relational, learning (and other) achievement goals matter, for teachers and their students? Professor Ruth Butler
24 April 2019 Is this the job I signed up for? An exploration of leader traits and vocation fit. Stephen Macdonald (IPPE PhD Student)
20 March 2019 An introduction to Clarivate Systems Dr Anthony Dona – Clarivate Solutions Consultant
13 March 2019

Physical activity and a healthy lifestyle: “curated samplers” of my random thoughts and research experience

Associate Professor Melody Ding

20 February 2019

Use of Machine Learning Methods for Coding Motivational Behaviour in Physical Education

Asghar Ahmadi (IPPE PhD Student)

13 February 2019 Overview of an Autonomy-Supportive Intervention Program of Research Professor Johnmarshall Reeve

6 February 2019

Enhancing Adolescent Self-Concept, Life Effectiveness and Locus of Control: The Immediate and Lasting Effects of Outdoor Adventure Education Mathew Pfeiffer (IPPE PhD Student)
28 November 2018 Is a positive self concept always useful? Identifying factors that moderate the link between self-concept and high school dropout Melissa Schellekens (IPPE PhD Student)
21 November 2018 Development of a Practical Model for Coaches to Use Mental Skills Training to Enhance Psychological Strengths and Performance for Athletes Vijay Kumar (IPPE PhD Student)
14 November 2018 Research ethics Sebastian Gimenez (ACU HREC manager)
7 November 2018 Meta-analysis and latent profile analysis of intrinsic and extrinsic aspirations Emma Bradshaw (IPPE PhD Student)
31 October 2018 Some nuts and bolts of meta-analysis Emma Bradshaw & James Conigrave
17 October 2018 Positive Education Dr Rob Stevens
10 October 2018 What makes a good friend? The role of nonattachment in promoting well-being in friendship networks: An update Emma Devine (IPPE PhD Student)
3 October 2018 Surprised ? Curious ? Confused? Epistemic Emotions and Knowledge Exploration Professor Reinhard Pekrun
19 September 2018 Bullying and the nature of problems: Implications of structured vs. Ill-structured problems for the development of bullying in schools Dr Roberto Parada
29 August, 2018 New developments in the Prosocial process for enhancing cooperation in groups Dr Paul W Atkins
8 August 2018 3 Minute Thesis: "The Six Ways to Well-Being, Reimagining The Pursuit of Happiness" Geetanjali Basarkod (IPPE PhD Student)
1 August 2018 Qualitative methodology for the social sciences Associate Professor Paul Rhodes
18 July 2018 Mindfulness and Acceptance Approaches to Athletic Performance Michael Noetel (IPPE PhD Student)
11 July 2018 Behavioural Change in the Unemployed Darren Coppin (IPPE PhD Student)
4 July 2018 The Many Faces of Identity: Is identity a relevant construct for understanding and enhancing learning? Professor Dennis McInerney
27 June 2018 The Role of "Race" as a Social Context for the Development of African America Adolescents Professor Jacque Eccles
20 June 2018 The effects of socioeconomic status on cognitive and language development, and early academic achievement in kindergarten children Professor Kevin Chung
13 June 2018 Australian Centre for Indigenous Thriving: Update on Progress for an ARC Centre of Excellence Bid Dr Robert Brockman
6 June 2018 The Six Ways to Well-Being (6W-WeB): A new measure of valued action that targets the frequency and motivation for six behavioural patterns that promote well-being Geetanjali Basarkod (IPPE PhD Student)
30 May 2018 An informal presentation by Prof. Richard Ryan of some of his current and "in progress" research studies. Professor Richard Ryan
16 May 2018 Cultivating Compassion: Examining Factors that Inhibit and Facilitate Compassion in Children and Adults Dr James Kirby
9 May 2018 Physical Activity for Youth with intellectual disabilities: An analysis of determinants and outcomes Nathaniel Kapsal (IPPE PhD Student)
9 May 2018 Relationship Between Teacher's Interpersonal Style and Student Outcomes in Physical Education (25:40) Diego Vasconcellos (IPPE PhD Student)
18 April 2018 Fun with text mining: Super charge your literature reviews and novel approaches to qualitative analysis Associate Professor Philip Parker
28 March 2018 The upsides and downsides of the dark side: A longitudinal study into the role of prosocial and antisocial strategies in close friendship formation Professor Joseph Ciarrochi
21 March 2018 Education Reform, the Real Cost: Education Outcomes as the expense of the school principal Diane Carroll (IPPE PhD Student)
14 March 2018 The Nature of Positive Education: Theoretical Framework, Measurement, and Outcomes Rose Pennington (IPPE PhD Student)
7 March 2018 May the Force Be With You: The Centrality of Psychological Need Satisfaction/Frustration for Police Wellbeing Professor Herb Marsh
7 March 2018 The diminishing state of school principal well-being: The impact of policy and passion Marcus Horwood (IPPE PhD Student)
28 February 2018 Open Mike Session: “Re-thinking the nature of physical activity data,” & “What is the role of learning in behaviour change?” Dr Borja del Pozo Cruz, Associate Professor Phil Parker, Michael Noetel
21 February 2018 Frame of reference effects in motivational beliefs: Dimensional comparison and negative school average effect (BFLPE) on academic self-concept and beyond Dr Kate Xu
14 February 2018 The influence of socioeconomic status on changes in young people's expectations of applying to university Dr. Jake Anders
7 February 2018 Classes with a Special Emphasis and the Development of Pupil's Learning and Motivation Satu Koivuhovi
13 December 2017 Pre-submission: The benefits of believing you can change: Growth mindset weakens the links between low self-esteem and negative outcomes James Conigrave (IPPE PhD Student)
6 December 2017 Population patterns and predictors of literacy and numeracy growth from primary to high school: The role of social-emotional learning Associate Professor Kristin Laurens
29 November 2017 Update and Discussion on Mindfulness and Well-Being: research application, hype and hope. Professor Felicia Huppert
22 November 2017 COC: What makes a good friend: The role of nonattachment and empathy in promoting well-being in friendship networks Emma Devine (IPPE PhD Student)
15 November 2017 Growth Approaches to Students? Academic Development: Exploring the Roles of Personal Best Goals and Growth Mindsets Professor Andrew Martin
8 November 2017 That's entertainment! (?): Some musings on video games, TV dramas, and comedy using self-determination theory Professor Richard Ryan
1 November 2017 WELL-BEING: its Nature, Measurement and Development Dr John Franklin
25 October 2017 Sustaining a challenging career: The Regulation of Emotions at Work over time Dr Anya Johnson & Dr Helena Nguyen
18 October 2017 Facebook, fitbits and phones: novel technology-based approaches to physical activity interventions Associate Professor Carol Maher
11 October 2017 Culture, Parental Occupation, and Girls' Interest in Science Dr Jeisi Guo
4 October 2017 Achievement Emotions: Challenges and New Directions Professor Reinhard Pekrun
20 September 2017 Within- and between-domain relations between teacher discrimination and student motivation Dr Friederike Helm
13 September 2017 Creating evidence-based mentally healthy workplaces Associate Professor Samuel Harvey
6 September 2017 Promises and pitfalls of conducting meta-analytic reviews: Exploring challenges from two current reviews James Donald
30 August 2017 Using the PAX Good Behaviour Game to increase prosocial behaviour in schools, after-school settings, and communities to heal historic trauma and present adversity Dr Dennis Embry
16 August 2017 Novel psychosocial treatments for schizophrenia Professor David Penn
9 August 2017 Pre-submission Seminar: Title: Teachers' and students' perspectives of using restorative practices in schools: ?It?s got the power to change behaviour? Michelle Kehoe (IPPE PhD Student)
2 August 2017 Interventions to improve children's reading and language skills Professor Charles Hulme
26 July 2017 Research Smarter, Work Faster: Using technology to facilitate your research Aidan Wilson, ACU IT Strategy and Planning
19 July 2017 Australian Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Youth in Friendship Networks: Perceived Stigma, Social Support, and Embeddedness in School Friendship Networks Dr Baljinder Shadra
12 July 2017 Theoretical explanations of five paradoxical frame-of-reference effects on academic self-concept formation: A pan-human universality study of generalisability over countries and constructs Professor Herb Marsh 
28 June 2017  Motor development of adolescents: Theory, assessment and future directions  Dr Ryan Hulteen
7 June 2017  Pathways to the extreme: Psychological mechanisms underlying radicalisation  Dr Luisa Batalha 
31 May 2017  Understanding the psychological and social origins of gender disparities in self-beliefs, motivation and educational attainment  Brooke Van Zanden (IPPE PhD Student)
24 May 2017  Investigating the relationship between sleep and physical activity in children: is it reciprocal?  Devan Antczak (IPPE PhD Student)
17 May 2017  Fostering purpose in life/meaning in life, across the life span  Levi Brackman (IPPE PhD Student)
3 May 2017  A mindset intervention pilot study  Kris Wrona 
26 April 2017  Tempting teacher training: Factors associated with user engagement in online professional development courses  Jane Lee (IPPE PhD Student)
19 April 2017  An introduction to the Australian Data Archive  Dr Steven McEachern 
5 April 2017  Creating community change and mental health promotion  Nicole Gibson 
22 March 2017  Profiles of aspirations: Predictors and relations to positive functioning  Emma Bradshaw (IPPE PhD Student)
22 March 2017  Investigation and contextualisation of autonomy supportive and coercive parenting   Jasper Duineveld (IPPE PhD Student)
15 March 2017  Benevolence: Could the need to do good to others be a basic psychological need?  Dr Frank Martela 
8 March 2017  Loneliness and gratitude in daily life across the adult lifespan  Dr Helena Cui 
1 March 2017  Recent issues on passion and well-being  Professor Robert Vallerand 
22 February 2017  Sampling of recent substantive/methodological synergy research  Professor Herb Marsh (IPPE)
15 February 2017  Moving research knowledge into action to enhance child health  Professor Heather McKay 
25 January 2017  Enhancing adolescent self-concept, life effectiveness and locus of control  Mathew Pfeiffer (IPPE PhD Student)
14 December 2016
Addressing the Cognitive & Non-Cognitive Aspects of Science Learning
Munirah Shaik Kadir (IPPE PhD Student)
23 November 2016
"Off-job" recovery in elite sport: The recovery-promoting role of detachment and non-sport need satisfaction
Mr Yannick Balk
16 November 2016
The Psychosocial Benefits of Positive Socially-Oriented Emotions
Dr Lisa Williams (UNSW)
2 November 2016
Hello Sunday Morning: Problem-drinking in the context of online social networks
Emma Bradshaw (IPPE)
19 October 2016 Using smartphone technologies to improve mental health
Professor Helen Christensen (Black Dog Institute)
12 October 2016
Exploring the Value of Implicit Measures: Examples from Self-Concept and Mindfulness Research
Leah Kaufmann (ACU)
31 August 2016
Interventions for Children's Reading and Language Difficulties
Professor Charles Hulme (University College London)
24 August 2016
Understanding Neighbourhood Green Space and Weight status: Evidence from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children
Dr Taren Sanders (IPPE)
27 July 2016
Achieving optimal best, taking into consideration cognitive load: A theoretical positioning
Professor Alex Yeung (IPPE), Associate Professor Huy Phan and Dr Bing Ngu (University of New England)
13 July 2016
Early Career Researcher Forum – strategies and tactics for boosting your Academic Career
Jenny-Lee Heylen (IPPE)
22 June 2016
Student Evaluations of University Teaching: Recommendations for Policy and Practice
Professor Herb Marsh (IPPE)
15 June 2016
Domain Specific Physical Activity and Mental Health: The Role of Self-Determined Motivation
Rhiannon Lee White (IPPE PhD Student)
8 June 2016
Non-cognitive Predictors of Math Achievement in PISA & TIMSS and Cross-cultural Findings with Anchoring Vignettes and Overconfidence
Professor Lazar Stankov (IPPE)
25 May 2016
SPARK': A Values Discovery App for Acting on Your Core Values
Associate Professor Vijaya Manicavasagar (Black Dog Institute)
18 May 2016
An Information Distortion Model of Social Class Differences in Math Self-Concept, Intrinsic Value, and Utility Value
Dr Phil Parker (IPPE)
4 May 2016
Transforming Lives and Communities: The Scots College Indigenous Education Program
Dr Anthony Dillon (IPPE) and Jonathan Samengo (The Scots College)
27 April 2016
Occupational Therapy Assessment and Indigenous People: The Inclusion of Culture as an Integral Aspect of Comprehensive Assessment in The Clinical Area of Mental Health
Catherine Pace (IPPE PhD Student)
13 April 2016
Mindfulness and Coping With Stress: A Multi-Method Examination
James Donald (IPPE PhD Student)
30 March 2016
Influence of Teachers’ Interpersonal Style on Student Outcomes in Physical Education
Diego Vasconcellos (IPPE PhD Student)
16 March 2016
From Rewards in the Lab to Pay in the Workforce
Professor Ed Deci (IPPE)
9 March 2016
Six Ways to Well-Being: A Self-Report Measure of the Frequency and Motivation for Six Behavioural Patterns That are Hypothesised to Cause Well-Being
Geetanjali Basarkod (IPPE PhD Student)
2 March 2016
Behavioural Change in the Unemployed
Darren Coppin (IPPE PhD Student)
24 February 2016 
Vocational Interests, Achievement, and Academic and Career Choices
Professor Olaf Köller (Kiel, Germany)
17 February 2016 
Empathy and Compassion: A New Understanding of Their Roles in Well-Being
Professor Felicia Huppert (IPPE)
3 February 2016
Study of Motivation of Teachers in Hong Kong
Rohan Perera (IPPE PhD Student)
3 February 2016
Active Engagement? The Relationship Between Adolescents’ Physical Activity and School Engagement
Katherine Owen (IPPE PhD Student)
9 December 2015
Do Implicit Malleability Beliefs Buffer the Negative Effects of Low Self-Esteem
James Conigrave (IPPE PhD Student)
2 December 2015
Mindfulness Within the Full Range of Buddhist and Asian Meditative Practices
Professor Geoffrey Samuel (Cardiff University; University of Sydney)
14 October 2015
Towards a Psychological Atlas of the World
Professor Lazar Stankov (IPPE)
7 October 2015
The Relations Among Academic Motivation, Self-Concept, Aspirations, and Choices: Integrating Expectancy-Value and Academic Self-Concept Theory
Jiesi Guo (IPPE PhD Student)
7 October 2015
Sports Participation for Adolescents with an Intellectual Disability: An Analysis of Outcomes and Determinants
Nathanial Kapsal (IPPE PhD Student)
23 September 2015
#Wazzup?: Gaining Insight Into Young People’s Responses to Positive Education Using Innovative Multi-Level Methods
Associate Professor Vella-Brodrick (Uni of Melb)
16 September 2015
Beyond the Mirror: Factors that Affect Body Image and Its Impact on Well-Being
Geetanjali Basarkod (IPPE PhD Student)
9 September 2015
Model of Art Therapy for Aboriginal Children, within the Preschool
Shiri Hergass (IPPE PhD Student)
2 September 2015
Imagine: Creating Nurturing Adolescent Communities to Help Young People Thrive
Professor Joseph Ciarrochi (IPPE)
12 August 2015
Improving Cancer Outcomes for Aboriginal People of NSW
Rajah Supramaniam (Cancer Council) & Dr Anthony Dillon (IPPE)
5 August 2015
A Reciprocal Effects Model of Children's Body Fat Self-Concept
Associate Professor Alex Garn (Louisiana State University)
29 July 2015
Cross-Cultural Generalisability of Year in School Effects: Negative Effects of Acceleration and Positive Effects of Retention on Academic Self-Concept
Professor Herb Marsh (IPPE)
22 July 2015
Mindfulness and Coping With Setbacks: Evidence from Four Studies
James Donald (IPPE PhD Student)
15 July 2015
Racism Against Aborigines - What the Surveys Show
Dr Anthony Dillon (IPPE)
8 July 2015
When Failure Promotes Growth: A Review of Growth Mindset Research and an Empirical Examination of Growth Mindset Measures
James Conigrave (IPPE PhD Student)
1 July 2015
The UniWellbeing Course: Improving Students’ Access to Evidence-Based Treatments
Dr Vincent Fogliati (eCentreClinic, Macquarie University)
24 June 2015
Cultivating the Heart of Health and Life-Giving Care: The Beginning of a Program of Research and Work
Nickolas Yu (Sydney Local Health District)
17 June 2015
Mindfulness and Acceptance Approaches to Athletic Performance
Michael Noetel (IPPE PhD Student)
10 June 2015
Hard Times: The Effect of the GFC on Multiple Dimensions of Well-Being
Dr Phil Parker (IPPE)
3 June 2015
Is Positive Psychology on a Negative Trajectory?
Darren Coppin (IPPE PhD Student)
27 May 2015
In the Loop: Identifying and Responding to the Psychosocial Support Needs of Children and Young People When a Loved One is Missing
Elizabeth Davies (IPPE PhD Student)
20 May 2015
Mindfulness and Motivation: Psychological Flexibility and Autonomous Motivation for Physical Activity
Matt Jenkins (PhD Student, University of Otago, Dunedin)
15 April 2015
Bullies, Victims, and Not-so-innocent Bystanders: Measurement, Psychosocial Correlates, Risk & Protective Factors, and Intervention
Professor Herb Marsh (IPPE)
1 April 2015
An Experimental Intro to The ProSocial Initiative
Dr Paul Atkins & Professor Joseph Ciarrochi (IPPE)
18 March 2015 
The Development of Academic Performance and Adaptation in the Context of Interpersonal Relations Adjunct Professor Noona Kiuru


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